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Stick Man Sam w/DVD Review

Official Review

May 26th, 2016 9:55pm
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

I love the routine. Your participant selects any card. They sign the face. It is lost in the deck. You draw a stickman figure on the back of an indifferent card. This stickman then jumps from one card to another card. You then cut the deck and the stickman jumps to the top of the deck. You then slap the deck down and the stickman disappears and jumps into the deck to find their selected card. You spread the cards and remove the only card with a stickman drawn on it, their signed selected card.

The effect is very true to the ad copy. In fact, the trailer is an un-edited performance of the entire routine.

The method is very clean, very angle proof. It could be done completely surrounded.

The explanation is very good. As with all of Mark Mason’s products, he gets right to the point. He shows a studio performance of the routine and then explains it clearly and concisely.

Now, the product quality. The gimmick itself is of good quality. The problem I have with it is..


The gimmick comes pre-drawn with a stickman on the gimmick. I think this was a BIG mistake. It would have been much better to let the buyer draw the stickman. In the performance, you are going to need to draw a stickman that looks as similar as possible to the gimmick stickman. As he says in the explanation, the stickman is a bit thicker than a sharpie. He just determined for every performer that they are not going to use a sharpie any more for their performances… well, if they intend to do this trick.

It is a fun concept, but I think if you are going to perform this, you may want to make your own gimmick with your own stickman drawing, using whatever marker you normally use in performance. He doesn’t teach how to do so, nor are the materials provided. You can probably figure out how to make it from seeing how it works.


Skill level required: 3 of 5. You will need to do a double lift, a control, and a few other simple moves. He teaches all the moves needed.
Audience management skill required: 1 of 5. Not much needed. They really select any card.
Performance angles: 360 degrees
The reset time required: 3 seconds (Note: You could reset in front of your audience, but you would need to be a bit sneeky)
The DIY time involved in advance: None unless you make your own gimmick.


I really like the concept, the routine, the method, but I didn’t like that they pre-drew the stickman on the gimmick.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

If you get a chance to watch the Gaetan Bloom lecture, he talks about a method to make a card stay standing up. He does it on the table, but with a bit of creativity, you could apply a variation of the same method to having a card not only stand up, but move around a bit on your palm. This would be a perfect segue from this effect to have the stickman card stand and appear to “come to life” on your palm.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Stick Man Sam w/DVD

Author: Mark Mason
Publisher: JB Magic
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Retail Price: $15.00
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The Stickman Jumps from Card to Card!

ANY card is freely selected and signed on the face. Visibly draw a large stickman on the back of any card, YOU REALLY DRAW THE STICKMAN. The stickman jumps off the back of the card onto another card several times. The stickman is cut into the centre of the deck only to jump back up to the top.

Without cover, etc the stickman VISUALLY jumps off the top card and dives down into the deck. The deck is spread and the stickman is on the back of a card in the centre of the deck. This is their signed selected card! Precision Made Gimmick in Bicycle!

Comes complete with instructional DVD and special gimmick.

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