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Space Time Blue (Gimmick and Online Instructions) Review

Official Review

May 3rd, 2016 12:40am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Space Time is a moving hole trick on playing card that is astounding. Tom Elderfield and Murphy’s Magic is responsible for this winner! Basically, a card is selected and the spectator suggests a location for a hole to be punched in the card. The performer then takes a hold puncher and the spectator see him punch a hole in the card. With the flick of the hand, the hole moves from the bottom of the card, to the middle and then to the top. The hole can be dragged off the card and reappear in another location, on another card, or the card box.

This trick comes with a Bicycle backed gimmick and a 46 minute downloadable instructional video. Although Elderfield makes cameo appearances in the beginning and end of the video, the majority of the instruction and performance is taught and demonstrated by Chris Oberle, who does an excellent job. This trick does not come with a hole puncher, which is necessary to perform this trick. If you don’t already own one, it can be picked up for just a few dollars.

The production quality of the video is top-notch. The instructional video contains studio and live performances of the effect. Oberle teaches different versions of the effect. In one version the hole ends up leaving the selected card and lands on the tuck box. In another version, there are two spectators and they each choose a card. The first spectator selects a card which he signs and then holds between his two hands during the entire trick. The second spectator selects a different card which is apparently hole-punched by the performer. The hole then jumps around the card and disappears. The punched hole reappears on the card that the first spectator has been holding between his two hands the entire time.

After the hole jumps around the card, that card cannot be immediately handed out, but the spectator may think that you hand the gimmicked card out due to some basic sleight of hand. You also cannot repeat the trick since the card that has the jumping hole will always be the same. You can perform this trick surrounded and may need to be careful to have a small distance between you and the spectators so that nothing suspicious is seen. To that effect, very bright lit environments should be avoided. The reset is instant.

This is not a difficult trick to perform, but it will take a small amount of practice to get it performance ready. Practice time will probably run 5 to 30 minutes depending on the performer. To perform a full routine (as opposed to just having the hole dance around a card), the performer will need to execute some very basic sleights, which are taught by Oberle in the case of a novice purchaser. The gimmick is made well, and should last for a long time if handled carefully between uses. There is no instruction on how to make or repair the gimmick in the event that it breaks, which is a possibility due to the nature of the gimmick.

The amazing thing about this trick is that it can and will be used by absolute beginners through working magicians.

I highly recommend this moving hole gimmick.

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Product info for Space Time Blue (Gimmick and Online Instructions)

Author: Elderfield, Tom
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $24.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

"This is by far my favorite take on the moving hole concept"
- Shin Lim

In the world of physics, there are discoveries being made daily that are going to shape the future of humanity. Most of these wondrous discoveries we cannot see or feel. That is, until Tom Elderfield punching holes in playing cards and instantly moving them through the woven fibers right in front of you.

Space Time is Tom's latest marvel, where he places an open hole into a playing card, then the hole jumps around the card as if he's warping the fabric of space time itself. Unlike previous hole plots, you can clearly show both sides of the card between each phase. With a wave, it will seem as if you instantly healed those voids in the card as if you turned back the clock, restoring the card to pristine condition.

No sleight of hand required and it is fun and easy to perform. Instant reset Real hole in the card - see right through No setup Hand-crafted gimmick with attention to every detail Online Tricks, routines, handlings and instructions includedTest the boundaries of this unexplainable physical paradox as you shock your spectators with Space Time by Tom Elderfield.
"Amateurs and professionals, every magician's card box should have one of these!" -Gregory Wilson
"I've been following Tom Elderfield quietly for a while now. I was hoping he'd remain a secret and I'd keep his killer magic for myself. Bummer! EVERYONE is going to want this trick. Good method. Fun and visual."- Justin Flom
"An very visual effect with a clever method! You can see a hole which really moves!"
- Mickael Chatelain

"Visually stunning, The best moving hole effect I have ever seen!"
- Damien O'Brien

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