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Magic and Madness Review

Official Review

October 3rd, 2016 6:57pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
World Magic Shop presents Sean Heydon’s 2015 LADS convention lecture on a single hour and eight minute DVD. The DVD presents Heydon’s actual lecture and as you watch the DVD you feel as if you are an audience member to his lecture. He is introduced by his Wizard Product Review co-host David Penn who also is on camera manning the second video camera.

Heydon presents several routines and teaches most of them. First, he performs and teaches Fizz Roulette. Fizz Roulette is a new take on Paul Harris’s Fizz Master from the Art of Astonishment DVD. It takes it to a new level. The routine takes several minutes and is funny and entertaining. Essentially, a single spectator stands next to a table with 5 closed coca-cola cans. He is then instructed to and does shake one up violently so that when it is opened, it will obviously explode. The cans are mixed so that the performer cannot see. They are mixed again so that the audience cannot see. Finally, they are mixed by the performer so that the spectator cannot see. Then, no one in the world knows which can is the soda grenade. One at a time, the cans are opened under either the spectator or the performer’s noses and none of them explode. Finally the last can is opened by the performer, over a garbage can and it explodes. Luck, intuition, or magic? This trick is fun and easy to perform. Just do it where you can make a mess. This routine is a keeper and it is a funnier and cheaper alternative to many smash and stab gimmicks on the market.

Next, Heydon performs and teaches 3D Spectacular. Essentially, a selected card is chosen and lost in the deck. Another indifferent card is displayed and placed on the table and according to the patter is a 3D movie screen. The spectators all put on 3D glasses supplied by the magician and he hold a lit lighter over the deck of cards. All the spectators see something that is indicative of the chosen card that emanates from the fire. The fire then appears to be grabbed from the lighter and slowly placed onto the indifferent card (the 3D movie screen) and when that card is turned over, it is the chosen card and not the indifferent card. This trick is fun and entertaining, but requires you to buy a few things that you may not already have. The 3D glasses are not regular 3D glasses.

The third trick that is performed and taught is Heydon’s Dice Stacking and Chop Cup Routine. This is fantastic. This trick will require some planning, thinking and some practice, especially to be able to stack 4 dice under a chop cup, but it is worth the practice. This is a real gem.

Heydon then performs and teaches a very solid Multiple Card Find Routine. The instruction for this trick, including the instruction for the various parts, shuffles and sleights, is excellent. All the instruction on the DVD is excellent.

Finally, he performs his alternate version of Sam the Bellhop which is very entertaining.

The DVD production is decent and the audio is excellent. The production is much better than many other live lectures.

During the lecture, Heydon gives his insight into working these routines at gigs and different issues that one may encounter. This is a great DVD and would be a welcomed addition to anyone’s magic library.

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Product info for Magic and Madness

Author: Heydon, Sean
Publisher: World Magic Shop
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Sean Heydon's unique creative take on traditional magic coupled with a natural ability to perform comedy has enabled him to work in some of the world's most prestigious venues for A-list celebrities and blue chip companies.

Magic & Madness is full of practical, fun and exciting methods which will give your performances the edge. Sean is extremely excited to be introducing Fizz Roulette, 3D Spectacular, his Dice Stacking & Chop Cup Routine (set to become an instant classic) as well as his ground-breaking work on The Multiple Card Find.

All this material blended together in his inimitable style and are staple routines that he features on a regular basis on television, at stage shows, comedy clubs, casinos, theaters, holiday parks, and close up.

There is something for everyone on this DVD and Sean caters for all abilities.

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