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Final Penetration Review

April 6th, 2016 12:12am
Reviewed by Gene Gene
Highly recommended! Watch a YouTube presentation by Master Mikame' and you'll see how POWERFUL this is.

Everything is examinable (if that's your thing/close-up isn't a bad idea) AND the method is easy-to-do.

No mechanical parts, no magnetic bar, no duplicates or switches AND it can be repeated.

As close to a perfect piece of Magic as you'll ever see. Since the untimely passing of Master Mikame this is becoming increasingly difficult to find, but if you can find one I strongly suggest you acquire it.

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Author: Mikame
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Final Penetration is a phenomenal piece of classical block penetration magic. Nothing has changed much for the Block Penetration routine for years but Mikame's Final Penetration is a revival of a solid classic with a modern look and function. This classical piece of magic can now be reset, and the routine repeated without the hassle of setting it up again. This is the Final Penetration.

The magician invites a spectator to place the block into the wooden chamber. The spectator inserts the stick, stabbing the block into place, and flips the device over. The block does not fall. The spectator removes the stick, and the block falls from the chamber. The magician tries the same routine, but the block passes the stick and falls directly out of the chamber to the audience's amazement. Everything can be inspected before and after the trick. You are left with a clean presentation of a phenomenal classical magic trick.

Measures Approximately 3" x 7 1/4" x 3" (7.6cm x 18.4cm x 7.6cm)

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