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Paul Harris Presents Street Thief (U.S. Dollar) Review

March 15th, 2016 9:41am
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
I really wanted to hate this when I opened the box and saw the cheapo props, but after watching the instructions, I understand why it's made this way. STREET THIEF was created by Andrew Gerard and it's basically a version of U.F. Grant's SLOW MOTION BILL TRANSPOSITION done with bills and wallets. The mechanics of that mystery are basically the same. In U.F. Grant's wonderful effect, you put two items in the spectator's hand and remove one. They then change places. But the spectator knows they are still holding an item. What Gerard has done has switched the setting from the spectator's hand to the the spectator's pocket or purse, thus creating a very surprising finale. If you watch the demonstration video, you'll see what I mean. It's really nice.

The video instructions are provided in the usual format by Bro Gilbert, who has done a good job in the past with Paul Harris' products. There's nothing technically difficult about the performance. He shows you several presentations and the one I like best is the "International" presentation. Instead of using real bills, one uses the million-dollar fake bills supplied. They're already gimmicked and ready to go and the presentation is in the vein of someone giving you advice on how to not get pick-pocketed.

The question is, is this any better or more powerful that U.F. Grant's from the spectator's point of view? I think it can be if presented well. If you don't like the props that are supplied, you can make your own with a little effort and some real bills. I think this is a fine little mystery that can blow people away in the right hands.

Product info for Paul Harris Presents Street Thief (U.S. Dollar)

Author: Harris, Paul
Publisher: Paul Harris
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $39.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Paul Harris Presents

Street Thief
by A.G.

The Super Human Pickpocket Gimmick

Make your wallet instantly vanish and re-appear in a SPECTATOR'S POCKET!

All you need is the special Street Thief Wallet and you'll always be ready to steal the spotlight!


Easy to do

Spectator places and removes wallet from their own pocket

Plays big for Close-up and Stage

No Palming

No pickpocket skill required

Instant Reset

Street Thief comes complete with everything you need to be a Super Human pickpocket today!


All three versions of the Street Thief Wallet come supplied with fake million dollar bills...which allows you to perform the included "international presentation" anywhere in the world (This is our preferred version).

But if you'd like to adapt your Street Thief Wallet to real bills...we offer three different wallet options: US DOLLAR JAPANESE YEN UK POUNDPlease specify which currency style you prefer when ordering.

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