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The One 2.0 (DVD and Gimmick) Review

Official Review

June 4th, 2016 8:47pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
The One 2.0 by Anthony Stan and Magic Smile Productions is a 44 minute DVD that teaches a gimmicked and un-gimmicked method to have a selected and signed card appear in an impossible location, in a mercury fold. The signature version of this trick has a mercury folded card in sight and under a clear wine glass from the beginning of the trick. Once the signed and selected card disappears, the wine glass is lifted up, the magician picks up the card and it is revealed to be the signed card. That is amazing.

After watching the promotional video, I had a pretty good idea of how Stan made the miracle happen. You can watch it for yourself to see if you like the way the method appears to a spectator. Although not a difficult method to execute, it is not for the novice and will require a small amount of practice. Initially the “move” may appear to be a bit clunky, but after getting your rhythm down, it will appear to be more, but not completely natural. That is my overall criticism of this product… that there is a moment that looks a bit unnatural even when performed with great fluidity. This may just be a magician’s critical eye, but see for yourself in the promotional video. Instead of picking up a mercury folded from the top with your thumb, index finger and middle finger, you pick up the card slightly from the side. With that being said, some spectators that I performed this trick to were completely fooled and other, more magic savvy spectators, had some legitimate questions.

Notwithstanding the above, I really enjoyed this DVD and the various routines Stan taught. The DVD is taught in both English and French and has excellent production quality. The DVD is narrated and taught by Stan himself. Much of the DVD is dubbed to music with demonstrations of the trick and method. The camera shots are from various angles which helps with the teaching. There are no live performances at all, but there is some studio demonstrations without any patter, just dubbed to music.

Stan does not teach all needed basic card control methods and instead directs the viewer to control a card to a certain location, assuming that the viewer will know how to effectuate basic moves already. Stan very quickly, and with minimal instruction, teaches how to do a mercury fold and basic card scoring for those in need of some assistance.

Among the routines taught are ACAAN, a fantastic card transposition and some other well-thought out ideas. Stan’s instruction of some sleight of hand moves is direct clear and to the point.

The trick, as mentioned above, is taught without gimmicks, allowing for an almost impromptu version and also a gimmicked version. The gimmick takes about a minute or two to make and is simple. Gimmick construction is taught clearly and the DVD comes with two cards to make the gimmick. The gimmicked version of the trick may seem to be more powerful and convincing. There is also a secret password protected link which allows you to access a page of some additional details and ideas related to the tricks presented.

Stan also teaches The One version 1 which has a very strong effect and requires some simple set-up with materials that most magicians already have in their drawer. If not, it can be bought at any hardware or stationary store for a few bucks. There is also instructions how to create a gimmick with a card box.

There are some angles to be concerned about. You cannot be surrounded and the spectators should be in front of the performer otherwise they may burn you and ruin the effect. The reset is instant.

The promotional video is accurate and while the ad copy is accurate by claiming that this can be done with any deck, the owner of the borrowed deck may be very annoyed when his deck is returned to him with some cards that have been mercury folded. Better use your own deck!

Overall, I think this is a worthwhile project and exercise in sleight of hand. It is a good value.

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Product info for The One 2.0 (DVD and Gimmick)

Publisher: Anthony Bouchareb
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Retail Price: $24.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

From the mind of Anthony Stan all the way from France, The One 2.0 allows you to realize real miracles.

With this method, you can switch a folded card in a cleanest and simplest way.

Imagine a folded card on the table (under a glass for example) or in the spectator's hand. This card will not move until the revelation and will remain visible during the trick.

A freely and signed card is lost in the deck. When the folded card is opened, the spectator sees that it's exactly his signed card!!! It looks simply impossible.

You can realize this incredible effect at any time and with any deck of cards.

You need only a deck of cards, no box and no envelope.

Nothing to add or to remove from the deck of cards, you are always ready!

Anthony teaches in detail how to realize this effect in an impromptu way or with a gimmick. Other applications are also explained (Any Number And Any Card, Transposition, Bonus...). The method can be used with other objects: business card, paper with prediction, banknote... A devastating effect which you can realize at any time and with only a deck of cards. The spectator can open the card himself. Easy to do Instantly reset Multiple applications and bonus DVD in English and French (Gimmick included) 50 minutes of detailed instructions

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