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Fobulous by Steve Shufton - Trick Review

Official Review

February 26th, 2016 8:01am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Fobulous is Steve Shufton’s unique version of a copper silver transposition, but with top quality leather (or at least it looks like leather) key fobs.

With this trick you get two key fobs that each have a different logo on it. One a red heart and the other a black star. The quality of the key fobs is top-notch. You also get a super clever gimmick that makes the trick possible, a small 20 page instructional booklet and two uncut keys, if you wish to add them to the key rings that are on the fobs.

A long, long time ago, there was something called books. Magicians used to learn magic from them. Then there were VHS tapes, then DVD’s and now video downloads. This technology seemed to change the way many people learned magic. Well, flashback time, there is no DVD or video instruction here. Yes, that’s right, you have to read to learn here. Don’t worry, the instructions are very clear and easy to follow and the illustrative photos of the steps in the method are excellent. In fact, the photos are exactly where they need to be… on the page you are reading about that particular step (with one exception). The booklet teaches how to do Fobulous in your own hand or the spectator’s hands. If you do it in the spectator’s hands, they need to be able to follow instructions just as a spectator in a copper silver routine would need to be.

At the beginning of the routine, the fobs are handed out for full examination and in fact the spectator is encouraged to examine the fobs very closely. Then the fobs seem to change back and forth. The whole trick takes just a few seconds, but it is very strong and visual. It almost happens too quickly, but that is the trick. When you end, you can end clean, if you make yourself clean. Stay away from grabby spectators.

You can use the fobs for real keys and carry this trick around, but I would not put any unique keys on the fobs, unless you have one on each.

The ad copy is accurate. The promo video is not super high quality, but it shows you the effect being performed by two hands over a table for the camera without any spectators. It is set to a trippy jazz jam that sounds like Miles Davis, but I am not sure…Steve?). There are subtitles in the video with minimal patter. I really would have liked to have seen some live performances to hear a suggested patter, to see how audiences interact with the performer and how they react to the trick.

The price seems a bit high, but the quality of the fobs and gimmick is excellent so you get what you pay for.

If this sort of trick is in your wheelhouse, you will not be disappointed.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Fobulous by Steve Shufton - Trick

Author: Shufton, Steve
Publisher: Shufton Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $59.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

How would it be possible for two carefully examined, common objects to switch places in the SPECTATOR'S HANDS?

Especially after having examined the performer's hands as well!

Perform this pocket-sized miracle, and you can be certain the results will be Fobulous!

Effect: The spectator examines both of two key fobs and finds them to be exactly as they in fact are: common and ordinary in every way. The two fobs are of different design, so it is easy to tell them apart. The spectator retains the fobs as she examines your hands, and finds them to also be exactly as they are: empty.

The fobs are now positioned, one in each of the participant's hands. She clasps her hands tightly around them - yet with a gesture and snap of your fingers, they trade places. Yes! They trade places! How does the spectator react to the transposition that has just taken place as she is holding the fobs? Most often, the spectator screams or yells!

All can be examined again, including your hands, and on to the next demonstration as it instantly resets. Bold, visual, tactile and astonishing, yet surprisingly simple!

This wonderful effect ticks every box: Not cards or coins Common objects almost everyone has in one form or another Can be thoroughly examined before, during and after Performer's hands can be examined too Magic happens in the spectator's hands Instant reset Perfect for walk-around and restaurant work Can be performed surrounded Easy to do Self-contained No pocket work No shells No clothing requirements High quality, attractive props Built to last Stunning! You will make the participant scream!Fobulous is the PERFECT type of effect all professionals look for. It is a real WORKER in any environment. Whether you are working at a table, doing walk around, trade shows or even platform magic, here is an effect that will deliver satisfaction in performance every time. Clever, deceptive and audience pleasing, the well-made props are built to last. This one is not going in the "drawer!" It is professional magic you will use over and over again for years to come. Using no more pocket space than your keys, because you can use the prop with your own keys! You will truly never leave home without it!

There are few effects you can feel so comfortable to leave to such close scrutiny in your spectator's hands, but there is truly nothing to find! The stunned reaction you get will make you smile each time - that is, if you enjoy being devious and deceptive...

Fobulous comes ready to perform, with two specially designed key fobs, the personally hand-made and tested "special something," and even two key blanks to use for practice and performance. The special "gimmick" employed was carefully designed and each one is hand made and tested, to assure a perfect execution, each and every time you perform this bewildering effect.

I literally searched the world over to find the absolutely perfect key fobs. And, as you know, these are not inexpensive no matter where you find them. The fobs I had manufactured were custom designed and precision made, with the closest attention paid to every detail - you will receive the perfect, high quality fobs.

An informative and equally high-quality booklet teaches you every subtle aspect of performing this simple effect with maximum impact. Full color photos are included to lead you step-by-step, to make learning and performing this effect as simple as possible. As you are sure to see, Fobulous lends itself perfectly to every performance style, and every type of presentation you could create! It will fit you and your environment no matter where you are, and the props will be a proud addition, worthy of your top-drawer clients, yet playable to anyone who understands these very basic "belongings."

Finally, it is all carefully packaged in a jewelry-style box, with the utmost care and consideration going into every aspect, not to mention love!

Finally - a truly unique "key" effect to add to your arsenal!

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