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Rise (Gimmick and Online Instructions) Review

February 23rd, 2016 7:34am
Reviewed by Cyril May
I share with other reviewers a very positive reaction to RISE. As a recycling magician the appeal of transforming a completely flattened can (not partially-flattened such as in Healed & Sealed) into a full and renewed can with the stomp of a foot is very enticing. I am delighted that this is one case in which the promo video and kudos are warranted: this is a very good effect. Sean Scott has done an extensive amount of real-world development and testing over several years, using this not only to stump Teller on Wizard Wars but to repeatedly astonish street audiences. The quality of the gimmick and the instructional video are very, very good. I have not performed it yet but have been practicing it for a month and see that this is worth the higher ticket price than some packet trick...because it is worth it.

Even though I love this effect here are issues to consider:
You cannot perform this in heels, shorts, or anything but a floor sweeping dress.
You cannot be surround at the Ta-Dah moment. This is laid out in the video so there is no bait-and-switch here.
In a post 9/11 world you should be very careful about gearing up for this effect and entering a courthouse, airport, police station etc. I was nearly arrested in a courthouse because of something up my sleeve...literally. A keen-eyed security person might spot something suspicious even if your street audience will not.
Performing for video could make method prone to sussing out with repeated viewing. Sean Scott already takes this into account and offers advice on how to perform this for video.
You cannot do a song and dance routine geared up for performing Rise. not that you would want to...but just a consideration.
Like any good magic this takes some practice. It does not require knuckle-busting years of practice. If you worked on it steadily you could be performing it within a few weeks....if maniacally working on it you would be out there within a week.

Despite these FYI statements I am very enthusiastic about RISE, the jaw-dropping effect it achieved on Teller and others, the quality of it as a whole, and the potential it has for my own recycling shows.

Product info for Rise (Gimmick and Online Instructions)

Author: Scott, Sean
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $99.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

"One of my favorite effects to perform, insane visual magic!"
- Dynamo

Performed on worldwide TV by pro's such as Dynamo & PENN & TELLER's hit TV show "WIZARD WARS". RISE by Sean Scott shocked spectators as they witnessed a crushed (and signed) Red Bull can completely inflate to its original state. The can is then handed out to be opened, and even drank.

Rise is a hyper-visual restoration of a Red Bull can that has been crushed into a flat puck of metal. With a stomp of the foot, your spectators will be astounded as the can fully inflates under your foot. You have your audience inspect the can with (or without) a signature, where they can freely open that can and even drink the contents. Many years of development, engineering and real-world testing by Sean has resulted in a highly-practical and stunningly visual moment that will shower your audience in disbelief.

This is raw, in-your-face, street magic that uses an everyday object to create a once in a lifetime moment.

Features: Stealthy low-profile, specially designed & tested deployment apparatus.Restored + Sealed beverage can be immediately examined.Easy to learn & perform.Show soles of shoes.No alterations to shoes or pants.Signed can version included.Resets in seconds.Minimal assembly required.Over 90 minutes of streaming instructions, tips, bonuses & performance ideas.

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