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Proof Positive Review

February 18th, 2016 12:29am
Reviewed by James Wood
Proof Positive is truly impromptu, easy to perform, angle free, and reasonably priced (currently it's a $7 download). However, it has two limitations. First, the version explained in the instruction booklet requires a soft surface (tablecloth, napkin, or the magician's thigh if the magician is seated). There's no explanation of how the trick can be done standing up without a table. Magicians who want to use Proof Positive for walk-around will have to develop their own method for doing so. Second, Proof Positive can unfold and end in several possible ways. The video at shows the cleanest possible outcome, which will occur about 33.3% of the time. In the video, David Parr claims that Proof Positive "always looks this clean", but in my opinion he's mistaken. Magicians who buy the trick expecting that it will always look as short and straightforward as the video performance are likely to be disappointed.

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Author: David Parr
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Manufacturer's Description:

Proof Positive is an impromptu close-up miracle in which the performer predicts not only which of three imaginary coins will be selected by someone from the audience, but also the result of an imaginary coin toss, heads or tails!

This effect is genuinely impromptu ” no preparation is necessary. It starts clean and ends clean, and the only item required is an ordinary coin. This is David Parr’s go-to effect when someone asks to see some magic. And it’s sure to become your go-to effect as well! When Joshua Jay performed Proof Positive in his Talk About Tricks video series for L&L Publishing, it garnered him a standing ovation!

“Proof Positive is a charming, believable effect, and I love how David has thought everything through, from the handling to the scripting. It’s the perfect effect to have at the back of your mind when someone suddenly asks you to perform something. I’m going to have a lot of fun with it.” ” Richard Webster


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