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Marvelous Multiplying Card Boxes (Gimmick and DVD) Review

Official Review

February 23rd, 2016 7:34am
Reviewed by James Sanden
The “Marvelous Multiplying Boxes,” produced by Vanishing Inc. Magic and created by Matthew Wright, is exactly what it claims to be, a way to magically split a deck into another deck up to four times, at the end leaving the performer with a normal deck of cards with which to perform. Included is the gimmick, as well as a DVD covering prop construction, different techniques with and applications for the prop, as well as a sample performance and explanation of a card routine that begins with the multiplying card boxes effect.

The included gimmicks are well made and will last a lifetime. Final assembly is required, but the work is minimal and is to allow the performer the choice of color for the decks they wish to produce. Wear on the included stickers will eventually require them to be replaced, but, depending on use, that won’t happen quickly. And when it does, the DVD includes resources for purchasing replacements, as well as files to allow one to print stickers on one’s own.

It is of note that the gimmick is made of plastic, while the one seen in the explanation is metal. Mr. Wright explains the decision to change the material happened during the production process and didn’t result in a lower quality product. Strangely, after changing material, the original instruction with the metal version was not re-shot, so there are references, tips and ideas for a metal gimmick that don’t apply to the product actually received.

The instruction is excellent, with multiple camera angles and clear, well thought out explanations. Two handlings are taught, one sharp and visual and the other soft and casual, leaving the viewer with options to choose from. Mr. Wright teaches additional applications and ideas, including producing multiple card boxes from a handkerchief, using the prop for effects other than productions, as well as a lovely sequence where the box magically reappears around the cards twice at the end of the production sequence. (This last sequence fooled me.)

Most relevant to purchasers, while Mr. Wright does share some convincers and subtleties designed to increase the effectiveness of the production, the effect itself cannot withstand intense scrutiny. None but the final card box can be examined, so the effect is better suited for the stage or, as Mr. Wright performs it, as a throwaway or interstitial moment in a longer routine.

An added bonus is footage of two performances, as well as an explanation, of a card routine of which the multiplying card boxes is the first phase. The routine itself is solid and builds quite nicely, and includes producing the deck from handkerchief, the multiplying card box sequence, a thought of card, classic forcing the selection, pen up nose, a card transformation, card to wallet, and ends with the omni deck. For the most part the magic is powerful and amazing, as evidenced by the vast number of magicians who perform these effects in their working repertoires. While the methods and approach used are in parts heavy handed, there are touches on the thought of card and classic force in particular that are worth studying.

At the end of the day, the value of this product lies in the multiplying card boxes effect. Watch the trailer to see how it appears in performance, consider the limitations discussed above and look to see if there is a place in your show or set for this effect. If there is, it’s a quality product and is worth your investment.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

Attempting to put it delicately, while the product itself is excellent, I do not recommend studying or adopting Mr. Wright’s manner of performance. Particularly if you wish to perform at high end or corporate events, shoving a pen up your nose or constructing your basic, bread and butter card routine, as he explains, to put an alpha male in his place, will not result in repeat bookings. If the footage was shot at a bar or in the street I might have a different reaction, but the performances were clearly at corporate events with men in suits and women in evening gowns. If we as magicians are to raise the public’s view of what magic can be, as much thought must be put into HOW we perform as we put into WHAT we perform.

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Product info for Marvelous Multiplying Card Boxes (Gimmick and DVD)

Author: Wright, Matthew
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $45.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The UK's Matthew Wright has won virtually every award possible in magic, and we're proud of our first collaboration with him, The Marvelous Multiplying Card Box. This routine comes straight from his award winning FISM act.

This is a slick way to begin your act or you can use it before your favorite card routine. It's a visual way to produce four card boxes from your fingertips. The trick is easy to perform, and it's a startling production up close or for parlor performances. The gimmicks can be applied to card manipulation, or simply as a cool and amazing interlude before you begin your favorite card routine.

Matthew includes a number of routines, including a great ending where, after performing the multiplying card box routine, you remove the cards from the box and they jump straight back into the box. Matthew even provides ideas of how to integrate the gimmicks in other routines, such as a Card Under Box routine.

The package comes with everything you need to perform, including our custom production card boxes (made for Bicycle cards), and a complete DVD with Matthew Wright. You also receive six stickers, giving you the flexibility to make red or blue Bicycle gimmicks.

DVD length: 47 minutes

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