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Paul Harris Presents Phone Phreak (iPhone 6) Review

Official Review

February 5th, 2016 1:02am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

I really love this effect. I have been doing something similar for years. The effect is tremendous, and has great potential. It is also tons of fun!

The effect is sold for the particular iPhone you have. You get everything you need for a specific iPhone to perform the effect. These effects use an IPhone app as well has some devices that form an IPhone case and attach to your phone.

The instruction is very good.

He covers several effects, from a bill production to a bill change. Another really cool effect is a photo of a dog that is in pieces that restores piece by piece and ends with you removing the restored photo. Another effect is a moving iPhone logo.


The biggest issue is this effect is only for one specific iPhone. This may or may not work with future releases of the iPhone.

Another issue is the props don’t seem to hold together well. The gimmicks is in essence, an iPhone case made up of a front and a back. However, the front and back don’t stay together well. You can perform with this, but you will need to hold it together and you can’t just use this as your regular iPhone case.

Another issue is that with some of the effects, the bill that is on the app looks so real that I have had participants not realize that magic happened when the real bill is pulled from the case. If this seems like a problem for you, you might want to do some of the other effects it does, such as a bill change.

The ad is pretty accurate, but I wouldn’t hand this out for examination, so I wouldn’t say “everything is 100% examinable”. It’s not that they are going to find something, it’s just that people expect cell phone cases to be very sturdy and tightly attached to the phone and this isn’t the case with this. I would be concerned about it falling off the case and perhaps breaking or getting damaged.

Finally, for me, I have performed a similar effect to the primary bill production from a smart phone using the photo gallery feature on any smartphone and a bit of sleight of hand. The downside to the “gimmickless” approach is it take a bit of prep to get the bill into play. Also, Jeff teaches several other effects that are just built into the app.


The skill level required: 1 of 5.
Audience management skill required: 1 of 5.
Performance angles: 360 degrees
The reset time required: 2 minutes (Note: You are not likely to reset in front of your audience)
The DIY time involved in advance: 15 to 30 minutes


I really love this effect and I think this is something that many magicians would carry with them everywhere they go. It makes for a great impromptu effect. The biggest potential downside is that it may or may not be compatible with future iPhones, and the gimmick does not fit completely securely on the phone.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Paul Harris Presents Phone Phreak (iPhone 6)

Author: Prace, Jeff
Publisher: Paul Harris
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $44.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Paul Harris Presents
Phone Phreak
Created by Jeff Prace

The PHREAKY automatic bill change!

Nothing to palm, ditch, or steal. Everything can be examined!

"This is literally the best idea involving a cell phone I've ever seen. Versatile, visual, and the method is revolutionary. If you have an iPhone, you need this... you know you do."
-Dan Harlan

You show a folded $1 "emergency" dollar (or other currency) stashed under the clear iPhone case that protects your phone. Everyone can clearly see the single dollar bill through the back of the case. Of course, for a bigger emergency you require a bigger bill... a quick wave of your empty hand and the dollar instantly changes to $5! Or if you feel like it, use no cover at all: just a quick shake and the $1 changes to a $5 in full view!

You then drop the cased phone with the changed $5 onto a spectator's hand, and the $5 instantly changes to a $20 bill (or any other bill you would like)!

She can immediately pop off the phone case and remove the $20 bill herself. And there's genuinely nothing else there! Just the phone, the case, and the bill.

EVERYTHING IS EXAMINABLE: The bill, the case, the phone, your hands, your clothes, your body, the room... EVERYTHING! There are no other bills, bits, or gimmicks anywhere to be found.

Or, if you prefer, make a stashed bill instantly vanish under the spectator's hand in a modernized handling of PH's classic "Whack Your Pack!"

You can even use the same PHREAKY method to perform the world's cleanest and EASIEST torn and restored photo!

And for a final Phone Phreak bonus: point out the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone and then magically (and automatically) slide the Apple logo from one end to the other.

This is a brand new PHREAKY method with no shells, palming, or extra stuck on bits. No moves or sleights. Nothing to load, steal, or ditch. Your hands are always empty and EVERYTHING CAN BE EXAMINED. Resets INSTANTLY Everything is 100% examinable No sleight-of-hand No magnets, wires, threads, shells, sticky stuff, extra bits, etc. No palming, loading, stealing, or ditching Adapts to most foreign currencies (see list below)
US, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Europe, Hungary, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Macau, Norway, Russia, Turkey, UK, Uruguay If you have your iPhone, you can get PHREAKY anytime, anywhere, whenever you feel like it!

*IMPORTANT: Phone Phreak will work with any iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, and 6. You must own one of these iPhones to perform Phone Phreak. (Please specify which phone you have when ordering.)

Complete with custom Phone Phreak gimmick and downloadable instruction.

Experience the PHREAKY automatic bill change today!

"This is THE modern way to perform a bill change!"
-Dalton Wayne

"It looks great! I will actually do this and I'm not a fan of phone tricks."
-Nathan Kranzo

"THE most clever use of an iPhone case... EVER!"
-Greg Rostami

"Innovative. Visual. Fooling. Prace is in top form!"
-John Guastaferro

"I saw Jeff performing this on laymen and the reactions were incredible."
-Dave Penn

"Phone Phreak phooled me!"
-Angelo Carbone

"I love it! It's practical, resonant, practically self-working, and so clever that it's just fun to perform."
-Alex Linian

"Jeff Prace is the millennial magic mind for modern mystery."
-Michael Carbonaro

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