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Project ULTIMA Review

Official Review

February 22nd, 2016 7:28am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

The DVD starts out with an entire segment of rambling and, I suppose joking around. I understand it is their first project, and perhaps they wanted to come across hip, cool, and fun, but hopefully in their next project they will learn to incorporate the humor directly into the meat of the DVD or put in a blooper section at the end.

FOUR ACE PRODUCTION: The project starts with a four Ace production that is very visual and flourishy. Next is a shuffle, a very flourishy cut and the same Ace production.
The explanation for the Ace production was good, but there was no explanation for the shuffles, cuts and then the same Ace production.

GLIMMER SWITCH: In this move, a selected card is placed into the middle of the deck and switched out to the top. This move seemed like basically the same as another very popular move accomplishing the same thing.
The slight difference in this move, in my opinion makes the move more suspicious, not less. The original move is motivated by pushing the selected card forward. This move lacks that clear motivation.

GLIMMER CHANGE: This is a move similar to the glimmer switch, but the face up card turns into a different card. Again, I think what makes the move happen lacks motivation and therefore, what seems like the likely method is the method.

GLIMMER CONTROL: Next is the glimmer control. This is a pretty convincing control where a selected card is apparently placed in the middle of the deck. The card is controlled to the top. Very easy to do and very effective.

MULTI-GLIMMER CONTROL: This is also a pretty nice control, but for more than one card.

NINJA GRAB: A nice move where it appears you pull a card from the middle of the deck in a swift “ninja” move. The risk in this is you might come away with more than one card if you don’t do the move correctly.

ARE YOU SURE: This is a really nice move where one apparent card is placed on the table. Another card is shown. In a split second, two cards change. This is a move that could be incorporated into a really powerful effect with two selected cards with two participants.

321: Using the same move as in “Are You Sure”, this is a different effect where one card changes into another as a third card apparently turns over.

INFINITE TWIRL: A bonus segment showing how to make a card or couple cards held as one twirl in one hand.

OHUH: A nice series of flourish moves with a cut deck where both halves are thrown into the air and caught with the opposite hands.

GRIP FLIP: A one handed move where the top half of the deck is flipped in the air and back onto the deck.

The ad copy is mostly accurate. It says that your audience will be 100% convinced. I hate to say 100% about anything. There are some really good moves on this DVD, but I can’t say that the audience will be 100% convinced. I don’t think this takes away from the quality of the moves, but it’s just not 100% accurate.


The skill level required: 4 of 5.
Audience management skill required: 3 of 5.
Performance angles: 180 degrees
The reset time required: Immediate
The DIY time involved in advance: None.


This is a project with many moves. There are no routines, just card moves. Most of these moves will take some significant practice time. While I wasn’t a big fan of some of the moves, some of them were just brilliant! Given there were some real gems, I gave this a five star.

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Product info for Project ULTIMA

Author: Andrew Herring
Publisher: Feel Astonished Live
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

This is a resource with a combination of both magic utilities, powerful direct effects, and a host of functional cuts and flourishes.

LIST OF CONTENTS: ULTIMA ACES - The ultimate 4 card production from a shuffled deck! No reversed cards, perfect at the start of any 4 card routine. GLIMMER PRINCIPLE - A real world utility card control & switching technique that can be used for a multiple number of applications! Developed over thousands of performances in the toughest working conditions, this principle will add a whole new level of diversity to your card magic, making it cleaner and more convincing. Out with the old in with the glimmer. You will learn the GLIMMER CONTROL, THE GLIMMER SWITCH, & THE GLIMMER CHANGE, then the GLIMMER MULTIPLE SELECTION CONTROL - This is the cleanest way to control 4 cards 100% convincingly! Tried and tested real world techniques for your real world audiences. THE NINJA GRAB, a never seen before effect that you will want to try immediately. This one effect is enough to close off any single card routine in serious style. BECOME A NINJA! ARE YOU SURE? Will become your new favourite card change in the spectator's hands, an extremely direct powerful effect that is guaranteed to surprise the heck out of people. Featuring Andrews card placement technique. 321, the magician's business card, a new visual colour change that speaks for itself. Bam!AND...


An introduction to Andrew Herrings most guarded functional card cut system. The new practical approach that combines card flourishing and incredible open false cuts in a revolutionary way, leaving your audience believing 100% that the deck is totally mixed every time.





We wanted to pack extra value in here for everyone. Incredible value!

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