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Cash Converter Review

Official Review

March 1st, 2016 10:50am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a very visual bill change routine. A single bill is folded in half lengthwise. You pull the bill through your fingers and out comes a different bill. You appear to show your hands entirely empty.

It employs a clever gimmick that appears quite invisible in your hand

The handling is not overly difficult. The handling and the gimmick allow you to apparently show both hands empty.

The instruction is very good. He covers every detail of how to make the gimmick with the supplied materials and your own bill, how to get into the effect, how to perform the effect, and how to end the effect.


The ad copy says there are no gaffed bills. You do borrow a bill, but it converts into a different bill that IS a gaffed bill. The gaffed bill can’t be handed out for examination.

There is a bit of DIY to prepare the gimmick. It is a bit finicky so you must take your time in building the gimmick. I would say figure on at least 15 minutes to make the gimmick.

You shouldn’t perform this with people directly behind you.

You can’t immediately perform the effect again. You will need to reset away from your audience. The reset only takes a minute or less, but you aren’t going to do the reset in front of your audience.

In creating the gimmick, you are going to destroy a bill. In the video, he talks about using a small denomination bill for this reason. You could use any bill you like, but if you use a one hundred dollar bill, for example, you will destroy a one hundred dollar bill.

So, if you destroy a one dollar bill for this effect, then you will likely be turning a larger bill into a smaller bill. You will need to create a performance script around that opposite scenario of most bill change routines.


The skill level required: 2 of 5.
Audience management skill required: 3 of 5.
Performance angles: 180 degrees
The reset time required: 1 minute
The DIY time involved in advance: 15 minutes


It is a nice gimmick and a nice looking effect. However, you are destroying a bill to create the gimmick and you can’t hand the gimmick bill out for examination. While it is a visual change from one bill to another, and it looks quite different from most bill change effects, I think you should think about this effect and method vs others. I personally would rather do 400 LUX which is done more like the Hundy 500 type of effect. The reason is that with the 400 LUX effect, you can hand out any and all of the bills for examination.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

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Author: Griffin, Richard
Publisher: Richard Griffin Productions
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Manufacturer's Description:

A borrowed bill is folded in half lengthwise. It is then pulled through the fingers where it visually changes into a different bill. Then with a blow it visually changes back to their original bill, you can then unfold it and immediately hand it back for examination. No gaffed bills, you borrow a bill Customizable gimmick, to fit any size bill of any currency, including plastic currency Resets in 2 seconds Perfect for stroll around magic NO reels, elastics, wires, thumbtips, wax or glue is used NO special clothing or jewelery has to be worn You can perform this in a T-shirt Instructional DVD and gimmick included

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