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Insidious (DVD & Props) Review

June 27th, 2016 11:06pm
Reviewed by Josh Burch

A dirty coin changes places with a clean signed coin and a key inside a match box. The props are all "normal" but they are not well motivated. The reasoning that is given for the objects in the matchbox is that the magician uses them to practice throwing them back and forth from hand to hand. This is very weak justification in my opinion and is distracting.

Without justification I have a hard time finding a place where this would be appropriate to perform or how it would make sense in the minds of the spectator.

I was confused at more than one point while watching the performance. I had a hard time remembering which object was where at any point. If I have a hard time following the objects as a magician I can only imagine the confusion in the minds of a spectator.
2 stars.


The method is clever for the most part and is probably where the most value can be gleaned. There were a few times while watching that I thought to myself "That's clever". That said there is a major pitfall that would make me uncomfortable as a magician or spectator. It requires a filthy coin to perform. This is the type of coin that you might find in your vacuum cleaner after cleaning your car. You are to make a coin look greasy and then ask your participant to hold it.

I understand that this might just be me but I am completely uncomfortable with making my spectator hold a dirty coin like this. It is in the same category to me as performing a piece of magic with a used tooth brush or chewed piece of gum. If that's not bad enough you are asking your participant to hold it. It gives me the heebee-geebeez just thinking about it.

The reset is hefty and to top it off you have to clean something off of a coin with a special something. I'm not sure why you don't clean up the entire coin here but it was just something else that confused me. If it is all you plan on doing you do end clean, which is a plus.
3 Stars

Ad Copy Integrity
Yes you can perform this in many real world environments. It's not any more visual that most other versions of copper silver. The last transpo requires the magician to do a fairly difficult piece of sleight of hand to vanish the coin. The appearance is nearly self working but the disappearance is tough to do. The claim is that it is "hands off". In my book this comes just short of the spectator doing it themselves. This is true of the appearance but routine itself can be fairly involved at times. The reset is not very fast especially seeing how you need an extra, generally one time use, thing to reset.
4 stars

Product quality

The gimmicks are great quality. There is some assembly required but they have really gone out of their way to provide you with what you need. The teaching is alright, no major points were missed but there was no justification for the props used which bothers me a little. It was clear for the most part and fairly thorough. The strongest part about the product as a whole is that it has some clever nuggets hidden in the method.
3.5 stars

Product info for Insidious (DVD & Props)

Author: Scanzello, Michael
Publisher: Amazing Moments Agency, LLC
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $24.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

"Mike Scanzello has created a terrific routine for the strolling performer that packs a lot of action into a short span of time with a few ordinary looking props. . . This routine is intelligent, diabolical and, well, Insidious!"
- Marc Desouza

"Great take on copper silver brass using everyday objects!!"
- Dan Hauss

A Copper Silver Brass routine that FINALLY has the killer ending it deserves!
It's Diabolical, double-barreled method will ensnare spectators! Besides the eye-popping, tactile transpos there is a devious method lurking no one sees until it's WAY too late!

In this multi-phase routine you get a dynamic 2 for 1 transpo, an in the hands copper/silver transpo, and a NEW knockout finale where the initialed coin vanishes in mid-air to end up in the matchbox the spectator holds! She can remove herself. You end clean. If you want to leave people awestruck, pick up Insidious today!

Key points:
-Visual. Lightning speed coin/key transpositions!
-Personal. Half the routine occurs in the spectator's hands!
-Killer Finale! Initialed coin travels to the box in the spectator's possession! Magician never touches the matchbox again from the beginning. One of the most hands off object to impossible place effects you can do!
-Universal. Works with coins from any country up to half dollar size!
-Worker. Perform in real world conditions.
-Fun! Simple to Perform. Start clean, end clean.
-Practical. Takes up little pocket space, resets quickly.
-Includes Almost Everything! Just need 3 regular coins and a black marker.
-Custom. Matchbox is custom-sized for easy handling and durability.

DVD Contents:
34 minutes of in-depth instruction
Full Live Performance
Insidious 3 Phase Routine
Mid-Air, Flip Vanish
Additional Tips and Basic Handling
Psychology, Misdirection, and Real World Tips throughout!

Props Included:
Custom-Sized Matchbox (folded flat for shipping)
Brass Key
Alcohol Prep Pads for reset
Everything you need except 3 regular coins and a black marker.

Thanks to Jay Sankey for permission.
Copyright Amazing Moments Agency, LLC 2014 All rights reserved.

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