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Rise (Gimmick and Online Instructions) Review

Official Review

January 27th, 2016 5:40am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Rise is a crushed and restored can effect. It is very visual and if you love what you see on the promotional video you are going to really love this cool product.

Rise comes in a cool black tube which is delivered in a white rectangular box. The tube contains almost everything you need to get going, but you will need to go out and buy some Red Bull cans. Normal soda cans (or pop, depending on where you are from) will not work. The Red Bull cans are the perfect size for this trick. There may be some other drinks that you could use, but I did not deeply explore what is available in tall thin cans.

To be able to hit the streets with Rise you will need to do a one-time set up which takes about 15 to 20 minutes. This is not difficult to do, you just need to be careful, wear workman gloves and tap a hammer. You will need to add something to your shoe to help stabilize the Rise apparatus, but it simple and can be done to numerous pair of shoes. It is about as easy as adding tape to the sole of your shoe (but that is not it). Importantly, this process will not permanently alter or destroy your shoe. Again, the one-time set up is no biggie.

You also get a link to an instructional download/streaming video, which is an hour and ten minutes long (not an hour and a half as noted in the ad copy) which is narrated and taught by the creator, Sean Scott. The production quality of the video is excellent.

You cannot perform this trick naked. Shorts don’t work either. Skip the Capri pants, sweats or other elastic banded pants too. Also no flip-flops. Just wear some rubber soled shoes and long pants that won’t cut off your ankle circulation.

After the one-time set up, you will need to prepare to do Rise by placing the Rise contraption where it needs to be. That will take less than a minute. Now, I want to be careful about not revealing the method, which is probably at least partially obvious to anyone that is reading this review, but you may also want to duck out of view for a split second to do a final get-ready addition to your Rise doodad, instead of being at-the-ready all day. Once you perform this trick, you will be in that position again and can reset in a split second when you are out of sight of spectators. Once the can is restored, it can be opened, poured and imbibed.

There are significant angles to be aware of when performing Rise. You cannot be surrounded. You will need your audience at least 7 feet away from you, standing in a cluster, directly to your side. If your audience is too close they may feel like the alignment of something is slightly off. During the trick you will need to kneel down on the ground to pick up the apparently restored can. Just be mindful of the surface you are kneeling on if you are wearing good pants as they could get scuffed up. Also, if you cannot easily pop onto a knee (and back up again), this trick may not be for you. You can see this clearly demonstrated in Scott’s studio performance.

Overall, this trick is easy to learn, easy to make and easy to get ready for. It is easy to perform and is a very cool effect. One issue is that one of the gimmicks needs to be transported with you and you will need to be careful with how you handle it. You will not want to inadvertently sit on it or shove it in your pocket without a special carrying case which Scott instructs you how to make and that is easy, although it may require that you buy something inexpensive on the internet.

Scott also teaches a “signed can” version in which the spectator apparently picks one of many colored pens and then the performer signs the crushed can right before it is restored. Performing the “signed” can version is a personal preference. I think Rise is a super strong effect without the signature and does not need this step.

My biggest issue with promotional video is that it shows the crushed can in a way that you cannot show the crushed can that you will be using. And, to be clear, you will not be able to walk up to any crushed can on the street and revitalize it.

The Rise implement is not inexpensive, but you are paying for a quality designed instrument. This is a very cool device. You will feel like a super-spy when wearing it. And, you will accomplish a really cool edgy effect.
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Author: Scott, Sean
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
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Retail Price: $99.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

"One of my favorite effects to perform, insane visual magic!"
- Dynamo

Performed on worldwide TV by pro's such as Dynamo & PENN & TELLER's hit TV show "WIZARD WARS". RISE by Sean Scott shocked spectators as they witnessed a crushed (and signed) Red Bull can completely inflate to its original state. The can is then handed out to be opened, and even drank.

Rise is a hyper-visual restoration of a Red Bull can that has been crushed into a flat puck of metal. With a stomp of the foot, your spectators will be astounded as the can fully inflates under your foot. You have your audience inspect the can with (or without) a signature, where they can freely open that can and even drink the contents. Many years of development, engineering and real-world testing by Sean has resulted in a highly-practical and stunningly visual moment that will shower your audience in disbelief.

This is raw, in-your-face, street magic that uses an everyday object to create a once in a lifetime moment.

Features: Stealthy low-profile, specially designed & tested deployment apparatus.Restored + Sealed beverage can be immediately examined.Easy to learn & perform.Show soles of shoes.No alterations to shoes or pants.Signed can version included.Resets in seconds.Minimal assembly required.Over 90 minutes of streaming instructions, tips, bonuses & performance ideas.

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