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At the Table Live Lecture Eric Leclerc - DVD Review

January 29th, 2016 2:49pm
Reviewed by Conrad Colon
I’m a big fan of Eric, I followed him through his "365 project" and really enjoy watching him. This lecture was crazy, Crazy, CRAZY!!! Unlike other lectures, Eric gets non-magicians in the studio and performs for them. The tricks of the set are not important but all the subtle little things Eric brings to them is the real gold of this lecture. Like his ninja marketing technique is clever and says so much without saying hire me for other events. Below are just some of the items Eric covers in the lecture:

The Walk Around Routine:
Eric performs his beautiful walk around set. With classic card magic, direct mind reading and pickpocketing his set would be enjoyed by any audience. All performers would gain something by watching this routine. Eric’s audience management is top notch and a thrill to watch.

Peeled & Restored Rubik’s Cube:
A Sticker is peeled off a Rubik’s Cube, the sticker is then set on fire and appears back on the cube. Eric says this trick has little merit as he doesn’t see a real world use for it. He says it’s a trick for magicians as it has a great method, and yes the method is great. I see this effect as a nice set up to the Enchanted cube effect. This effect would be great for cubers or magicians doing a Rubik cube effect or routine.

Brazen Double Lift Get-Ready:
This is worth the whole lecture hands down! This is the best get ready for a double lift I have seen or should I say haven’t seen. I truly didn’t see Eric do this during his performance. This is something that when Eric explains it you may not believe it but truth him it works.

Classic Force & Top Change:
Using the same mentally, he approaches the double lift get ready with he talks about the classic force and top change. This is real world advice from a pro who uses this material in the trenches. Take his advice and run with it.

Wallet Back Finesse:
This is the perfect out for when a watch steal goes wrong, it also gives a great kicker to a close up routine or when a volunteer says the line, “Better watch my wallet.”. This is great and I’ve used it in the real world and it got a good reaction.

ILUS System:
The “ I Love Unoriginal Spectators” System is amazing! It’s a prediction system using the lines people say to magicians all the time. Can you make my wife disappear? Can you make the check disappear? I know that card trick, etc. All of these questions are now made into predictions. It is great and I’m making one for my wallet.

Water from the Hands:
Eric shares this effect he developed for FFFF. It’s a trick for magicians, and its setup is a bit involved. It is a clean production and looks great but not something you will be adding to your performance set.

Disappearing Straw/Pen Routine:
This is Eric’s goto routine when he’s asked to show someone something. If you look at the routine you’ll know how the effect works but to see Eric perform it is a treat and a nice way to end the lecture.

Overall, this lecture is well worth it. Eric shares his real world advice he has gained over years of working in the real world. The only thing I would have loved to see would have been Eric’s work with the swami writer. This was a phenomenal lecture and if you are a close up performer you need to view this lecture or if you're a magician wanting to break into the TV market you too would benefit from this event. Eric’s energy felt in every moment of this lecture and you will enjoy it. So take a look at Eric Leclerc At the Table, or not, the choice is yours.

4.5/5 Starts

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Funny man and rising star, Eric Leclerc joins us in a very special ATT Experience! Eric has been a performing and touring comedian/magician for many years and has been named Magician of The Year in Canada! Not for nothing, this guy is good! From hosting Brain Games on National Geographic to his very own show "Tricked", he's seen it all! Hosted by Chris Ramsay, stay tuned as we take a look at some of his best work as he joins us for what should be an unforgettable and hysterical At The Table Experience!

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