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Induction (2 DVD Set) Review

Official Review

January 29th, 2016 2:49pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Induction is a very well-priced double DVD set that is captivating and excellently produced. It is ultimately informative and entertaining. You better get yours soon because at the count of three it will be gone…

With this purchase you get two DVDs. The first is the instructional DVD. The DVD is a studio shoot of the highest quality that is taught by Spidey. It takes the form of a one-on-one lecture with Spidey writing on an erasable white board describing how to do a hypnosis stage show. He details everything from the introduction, the participant selection process, how to gain the trust of your audience, how to induce people into a hypnotic trance, what to do and say, how to test if your participants are truly hypnotized, the order in which to do things and how to end the show. Although the ad-copy states you will learn how “to write original skits and how to present them,” that is not really taught other than a brief suggestion in which you are told to use your imagination. I don’t think this is a real issue because after watching this DVD set, your neurons should be popping with great ideas on what you would do if you were to be a stage hypnotist. The first DVD is over three hours and although I didn’t watch it all in one setting, I could have. It is presented in a very smart way in that is easy to watch. The explanation and instruction is interspersed with examples from Spidey’s live show so you understand what he is teaching on another level. Spidey is an excellent teacher.

At the end of the lecture, he suggest that you don’t immediately go out and try and perform, but to read and learn more about hypnosis. He suggests the titles of a few books on hypnosis which is very helpful because there are so many poor quality books on hypnosis on the market that are useless.

The second DVD is an hour and twenty minutes long and is most of Spidey’s full stage show performed before a large college audience. The show starts from when Spidey walks onto stage and ends after the show. It is edited and cut a bit, but you really get a feel for how a great hypnosis show is laid out and flows. In the show you see how he quiets and manages a young rowdy audience with comedy, authority and strong performance. Spidey is a great performer and has his act down to a science. With this DVD he hands you the keys to kingdom and delivers years of experience.

Watching the second DVD is amazing because you see him hypnotize 30 people on the stage and even some people in the audience. During the show he has the participants do several hysterical skits which include pretending they are playing in invisible instruments in an orchestra, turning into a super hero and acting the part, being stuck in their chair while they are sitting next to a person that has a repulsive odor, acting as a Chinese rap star (and rapping in Chinese), feeling intoxicated and dancing at a party, being unable to stop laughing hysterically, transforming into Karate champions followed by a high pace demonstration, believing that Spidey has become invisible so that they cannot see him despite the fact that he is right in front of them and demonstrating (with clothes on) some very rare sex positions.

The production quality of most of the show is very good. There are some points that the audio quality fluctuates and sometimes it is slightly difficult to understand what is being said, but that is minimally disruptive to the viewer. There are numerous camera angles that are used during the show and the video presentation is excellent. During the show there is some cursing, which is bleeped out.

This is a great project that is for anyone that is interested in hypnosis as a form of entertainment or even anyone that is interested in learning how to induce hypnosis. I saw my first Hypnosis show in the third grade and since then I have been more than casually intrigued by the mystifying process in which someone can be hypnotized. Although I have never hypnotized anyone and probably won’t attempt it (at least anytime in the near future), I think that this is a superb DVD project for anyone that has any interest in hypnosis. And the price is excellent compared to many other resources.

This project gets the highest rating.

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Product info for Induction (2 DVD Set)

Author: Spidey
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $49.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

"Spidey is without a doubt the busiest hypnotist I know in today's market and THE authority on modern stage hypnosis."
- Shin Lim

Warning: This knowledge is not for the idly curious, the contents of this DVD; if studied properly and used ethically, can change your performance game forever!

The ability to control the mind of another human is nothing short of a true super power. Hypnosis is the ultimate impromptu miracle, with no gimmicks, preparation or set up you can entertain a small group of people or a stadium of thousands. Spidey has made his name and based his entire touring show on one of the most profound of abilities, induced hypnotism. Now, he is opening the vault and handing the keys to his success to you. You are about to learn Spidey's full tailored & time-tested hypnotism show that keeps him booked a full 365 days out of every year all over the western hemisphere. You will also learn everything you need to know to build your very own show from scratch.

You will learn:

- How to script your show
- How to write original skits and how to present them
- Spidey's full induction, perfected over 15 years and tips on how to write your own
- How to leverage suggestion & convincers to optimize success

You will also get an hour of live footage from Spidey's touring show to see how he applies the content of this DVD.

Even if you have zero experience with hypnotism, Spidey will walk you, step by step, through the fundamentals all the way through the master techniques which will take your performance from good to unforgettable.

On the count of 3, get ready to learn the greatest skill you'll ever know. 1...2...3...

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