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Bicycle Viola Playing Cards Review

Official Review

January 11th, 2016 7:10am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
The Bicycle Viola playing card design, by Johnny Whaam, is a beautiful deck of cards. They are produced by the Collectible Playing Cards Company and manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company. They handle like your standard bikes, but with its own look.

The deck comes with your standard 52 cards plus a double-backer, two jokers, and one advertising card with the deck's back design on its back.

The tuck is beautifully designed with the predominant purple color and black background. The deck is designed after the viola flower, but it is not excessively floral. The designs borrow from the flower's colors (purple and yellow) and has some small flowers and leaves in the corner of the card backs. One side of the tuck is the card back design. The other side of the deck has the Bicycle name in its usual font, but with a purple hue. It has the label "Viola" on it and has more of an abstract design in various purple colors and yellow.

One edge side of the box also has the label "Viola" and the other has the USPCC name and indication that the cards have the Bicycle Air Cushion Finish. The top of the flap has a custom design, also with the word "Viola" in various shades of purple. The box comes with its own specially designed seal that closely resembles this deck's Ace of Spades graphic that is found on that card.

The back of the cards contain a mirror image with various geometric shapes in yellow, black and purple. As indicated above, it is not too florally, but the design of the flower can be seen in the graphics. Each card has a white border on the back, but it is a thinner white border than on your standard 808's.

The pips of the cards are custom designed with the Clubs and Spades being the most noticeably different from your standard Bike pips. In those cards, the horizontal base have its own flourish to them. The Clubs and Spades are black and the Hearts and Diamonds are red, but not as cherry red as standard Bicycle cards. They are instead a bit more brick red, which is more subtle. The numbers in the corners also have their own specially designed font. The faces of the cards have a white background.

The aces each have a standard sized pip in the middle of the card, except for the Ace of Spades which has its own larger customized design pip, in shades of purple and black. It is a different shape than the spade in the top left and bottom right corners.

What was most impressive about the deck was the Court card art work. Each card had customized art work, again heavily using purple and yellow colors. The lines were thin and intricate and a really beautiful set Kings, Queen and Jacks. Like the regular Bicycle cards, all the Queens are holding flowers, but they are again custom designed and in purple and yellow.

The two Jokers have the same design but slightly different colors. They are so close it is hard to tell the difference, but one has a more dominant yellow emphasis while the other, purple. The Joker card has the word "Joker" in the top left and bottom right corners. The Joker is in fact the torso of a royal Joker, wearing the jester's hat. The drawing is contained by a double-black circular border.

This is a great deck with beautiful designs.

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Product info for Bicycle Viola Playing Cards

Author: Guistolise, Mike
Publisher: Collectible Playing Cards
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $9.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Royalty has always had a history of donning the color purple and now it's officially in a deck of playing cards. The Viola Playing Cards is coated in beautiful shades of purple. It also displays waves and curves that are similar to the ones in the famous Viola flower. Printed by USPCC, this deck will truly stand out in your collection.

Main features: Printed by the United States Playing Card Company Bicycle (air-cushion) finish Highly detailed customized courts Custom deck seal Double back gaff card

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