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Souvenir Review

February 24th, 2016 3:43am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a beautiful routine with an awesome method!

In the routine, a participant selects a card. You fold the card in half and tear out a small center piece. The card is placed on the stem of a wine glass and like magic it becomes permanently linked to the glass.

The routine is true to the ad copy. You really do link a selected card to the stem of a wine glass, and the card and wine glass can be examined.

The method is excellent! It will take a few minutes to prepare the gimmicked card in advance, and there is a force of the card. However, the card is signed on the face and the face is completely normal and the spectators casually see the back of the card and it looks completely normal. There is a relatively simple sleight involved in showing the card on both sides.

The effect can’t be done completely surrounded, but you can have the audience in a near 180 degree arc in front of you and to the sides.

The difficulty level is pretty simple. Anyone who can do beginner level sleights can do this with just a bit of practice.


This does require creating a gimmick card in advance. He says he can make one in a minute. I would say it takes around five minutes. It’s not difficult.

The other potential problem is that if you perform at a restaurant or bar or at a wedding ceremony, you have just created an incredible souvenir, as the effect title implies, but the only way for them to take this home with them is to steal the glass! If you are performing at a wedding, the bride and groom may have their own engraved champagne glasses. However, check out the suggestions section in case you would like to leave them with an awesome souvenir that does not involve a wine glass.


Excellent routine with an awesome method that creates a most astounding souvenir!

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Author: White, Henri
Publisher: World Magic Shop
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $32.50
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"Beautiful, Elegant & Totally Impossible"
Nicholas Lawrence - Sensor Magic

Henri White Presents The Souvenir

A chosen card is signed by the spectator.

The centre of the card is torn out.

The very same card is then visibly linked onto the stem of a borrowed wine glass.

The linked card and the glass can then be fully examined.

No Duplicates - Simple - Elegant - Truly Baffling

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