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Another Invisible Mark Review

Official Review

March 7th, 2016 9:25pm
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a really great packet trick! I generally am not a big fan of packet tricks, but I really like a good packet trick that can be “sold” regarding why the cards are in a packet separate from the deck. In the suggestions section, I will outline a little routine that “sells” this concept well.

I also like it when a packet trick doesn’t require gimmick cards that can’t be made. If you perform a trick often enough, then they will wear out pretty quickly. If you have to re-purchase the product every few weeks after it wears out, then that could be a significant consideration. While this packet trick comes with prepared gimmick cards, you could make thirteen set of these with just two decks of ordinary cards.

The packet trick comes with a one page, double sided instruction sheet. The front is in English and the back is in Japanese. The instructions are well written, including illustrations for the various moves. The moves are not particularly difficult and could be learned relatively quickly.

The routine can be done completely surrounded.

The effect is true to the ad copy. The ad copy says it does not include a black matt for the final kicker. That is true. However, I do this effect without using a black mat, so the effect can be done quite effectively without any mat at all.

One of the primary move in this routine is a series of Elmsley counts. Having done a number of routines using Elmsley counts, including “Twisting the Aces”, I really love how the move can make a handful of cards appear very magical. However, the first time I did this trick, I was surprised by the appearance of the markings one by one.

While the moves are not the most difficult, there are at least four different moves that you will need to practice to get the routine to look good. You will need to do a flustration count, an Elmsley count, somewhat of a double lift, a pinkie break, and a particular way to hold the cards. The moves are easy to learn, but you will need to put in a bit of practice.


This is a great packet trick!

Suggestions from the Reviewer

If you do purchase this effect, you might want to check out this routine that I developed:

This is a little routine where everything is done in the hands, requiring no table. I talk about how magicians can sometimes get a bit close to their props. Sometimes, a bit too close. I talk about how I have a set of favorite cards that I keep separate from the rest of the deck,... away from some of the bullies in the deck. In doing the flustration count, I pause at each card, turn my hand over, showing the back side of the cards and make a comment about each card. For example: “The Queen of Clubs, she is really into nature. The Queen of Diamonds… a bit superficial and somewhat of a gold digger. The Queen of Spades, what can I say, she has a bit of a dark side. Finally, the Queen of Hearts.. sweet, but temperamental.” When I am doing the Elmsley counts, I blow on the cards for the first one. The last card after the first Elmsley goes under the deck instead of on top. I have a participant blow on the deck before the second Elmsley and nothing changes. I explain they only respond to my blow. I blow again, do another Elmsley, and the second marking shows up. Then again for the third. For the Queen of Hearts, instead of using a black mat, I place it on the face of the cards. I talk about how the Queen of Hearts refuses to show a mark on the back. So, you know what I did? I cut out her heart! I then reveal the Queen with the cut out heart. In my routine, the cards are arranged so they see the Queen of Hearts go over the Queen of Clubs and when it is lifted to show the cut out heart, the Queen of Clubs is still below the Queen of Hearts.

Happy magic trails to you!

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Author: I-Magic
Publisher: I-Magic
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Manufacturer's Description:

The magician shows 4 cards, each card has the same red-back.

He says he is going to reveal the secret of how magicians secretly mark the cards to find out which card is which...

However, the spectator cannot see the marks... because they are invisible...

Now the magician makes a magical gesture to make the invisible marks visible...

One at a time, the secret invisible mark changes into "visible" marks...

All cards have been exposed...

But here comes an extra surprise...

The "heart" is NOT just marked on the card. There is an actual open hole in it!!

This item has been performed at F.F.F.F. convention by Hayafumi and is critically-acclaimed!!

Please provide your own close-up pad or mat in black color, for the climax effect.

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