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Page: Voucher Review

Official Review

December 3rd, 2015 9:13am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a nice piece of magic built into something that people are very familiar with, a coupon book.

I really enjoyed the presentation at the beginning of the DVD. It was humorous, engaging, and the participants seemed to really get into it. It really didn’t look like a staged presentation. The performer really had a perfect mix of humor and what appeared to be genuine mind reading.

The explanation was good. They covered not just the mechanics of the effect, but what you need to do to sell the magic.

The method is good. It is based on an age old method, using a different application.

The product is true to the ad copy. As the ad says, you show various pages from the coupon book to show they are all different. the participant then selects any page from the coupon book and they look at it while you look away. You then close the book, put it away, and begin to read their mind.

This is an effect that can be done completely surrounded. It could also play for close-up as well as for a larger audience. I really like how the performer in the live performance had an entertaining premise. This sort of intro could play well for small or larger audiences.

The product quality is good. It looks very much like a coupon book. However…


Several of the coupon pages have names that are similar, but not the same as well known store brands. Examples are Darnie & Mobie Book store, IBOP Restaurant, and Burger Queen. I think that was a big mistake. They should have used names that would not appear fake. This has a big impact on how you present this. You must be careful to not pause too long on one of these businesses who’s name closely resembles a recognizable brand.


Excellent little bit of mentalism built into a recognizable coupon booklet.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

I think this would be a perfect prop to build a comedy routine around. Think about jokes that relate to how people shop or how people hold up the checkout line with coupons or how we purchase junk we don’t plan on using because of the coupon, etc. So, for example, after talking about what a pain it is to have someone in front of you in line with coupons, you take out the coupon book and talk about what great deals it has in it. You can talk about how much you paid for the coupon book and how much you will save. Of course, it will cost ten times more in junk you don’t need, but think of the savings! I also think that if you have any artistic ability at all, or perhaps even if you don’t, it could be entertaining and humorous to focus on the logo and you attempt to draw it on a large artists pad. If you mark the spot where they stopped, after you make the drawing, you could open the page again and take a photo of the page to compare to your drawing. Also, onsider doing this in conjunction with other mind reading methods, such as secretly getting a persons name beforehand.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

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Author: Tsai, Will
Publisher: SM Productionz
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Imagine a sure fire mini mentalism act that fits into your pocket. You can do it close up or even on stage!

Your spectator selects a random page and think of anything. From a number, a shape, to the taste of an item the smell of an item, or even movements. Anything your spectator is thinking of, you look directly into her eyes and tell her. It's a mind blowing miracle that works 100% of the time, extremely easy to d, and fits in your pocket.

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