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Key Bender Review

Official Review

November 20th, 2015 4:03am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

It works.

OK, a bit more. The gimmick is easy to get into and out of play. It can be easily hidden.

the method is good. it comes with a one page explanation. It briefly explains how to use the gimmick. it also warns performers not to borrow a key as the key will not bend back straight.

It doesn't really go over a routine, but it does suggest that you could have a participant select a single key from a handful of keys.

It also warns that not all keys are made the same. some will break when you try to bend them, and others might be too hard to bend, depending upon the alloys in the key. I suspect that more and more keys these days are made of alloys that make them harder to break, and thus harder to bend.

It's hard to comment on how angle proof it is. The one page explanation didn't go into any detail on handling and how to perform it best. So, I guess it's up to each performer to figure out how to best use this and determine how angle proof it is. I would say that you could probably perform this for an audience just slightly in front of you so they don't see the gimmick.

The effect is true to the ad copy. The ad copy describes it as a gimmick that allows you to easily bend a key and that is exactly what it is.

The promo video shows a pretty good key bending routine where the key is bent secretly and then placed into the participant's hand. the magic happens and they open their hand to find the bent key. This routine is not covered in the explanation.


I must admit that I haven't tried this because I don't have a bunch of old keys that I could use to bend and I don't want to go out and purchase a bunch of keys just so I can destroy them.

You must decide whether you want to bend and destroy a key with every presentation, but it is something you should consider before purchasing.

Also, the device is a bit long, I think. I have pretty normal size hands, perhaps just a bit larger than the average man's hand, and the device seems too long to me. If I hold it upright, it sticks out from under my fingers. I have to hold it at an angle.


You decide whether you want to bend and destroy a key with every performance. If you do, then I still think this device is a bit too long.

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Publisher: Bazar De Magia
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Bending metal things has been one of the preferred magic tricks both for the audience and magicians. Uri Geller left thousands of spectators open-mouthed with his false supernatural mind power. This useful and smart gimmick makes you bend a key picked by anyone from the audience. A typical mind power effect, easy to use and high impact.

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