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The False Deals Project (2 DVD set) Review

Official Review

October 26th, 2015 1:57pm
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
The False Deals Project is a Big Blind Media production that teaches the Bottom Deal, the Second Deal, the Double Deal and the Center Deal. With each of these deals comes routines to fool your spectators. This two DVD set is somewhat of a treatise on false deals. Some of the deals are harder than other and this DVD project can keep even the dedicated student busy for a very long time. George McBride, an extremely talented card handler, teaches the moves and Liam Montier watches and comments.

Disc 1 is entirely dedicated to the bottom deal. The instruction is broken down into various parts and various versions are taught. The camera work is good and the instruction, although good, can be a bit dry at time. After the bottom deal is taught, 11 routines (including the 4 bonus routines) are taught. They are great magical routines. The bottom deal routines are a good mix of tricks using the move. This DVD is a good resource for anyone who wants to concentrate on this specific move and then be able to perform an entire evening of bottom deal tricks.

Disc 2 teaches several false deals; the second deal, the double deal and the center deal. Each of the false deals on this DVD are accompanied with a few routines. The second deal section is taught with 6 variations of the move and 5 routines, while the double deal is taught with 4 routines and the center deal is taught with 3 routines. There is plenty to challenge those who are up to the test.

This project has a tremendous amount of material with contributions from Jack Merlin, Gene Maze, Charlie Miller, Peter Kane, Mike Skinner, Jack Carpenter, Roy Walton, Dai Vernon, Marlo, Elmsley and others. It is hard to digest all the material on this project and will require multiple sessions to watch it for maximum absorption and comprehension.

The DVD’s are structured so you can watch the routine and the explanation immediately follows. The ad-copy and promo video both accurately describe what you get.

This is a great resource for those interested in false deals.

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Product info for The False Deals Project (2 DVD set)

Author: George McBride
Publisher: Big Blind Media
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $34.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

A 4 hour masterclass in the art of false dealing - learn second deals, bottom deals, double deals & centre deals. Includes 24 incredible routines!

This is a jam packed download featuring over four hours of material, George McBride will teach you the Second Deal, the Bottom Deal, the Double Deal and the fabled Centre Deal. These immense sleights represent the pinnacle of playing card chicanery. Master these moves and you will be a true legend of legerdemain.

With tuition on 18 different techniques and a jaw dropping collection of 24 incredible routines, this is an absolute masterclass in advanced card handling.

George will teach you how to execute these moves, how to hide them and how to apply them in the most effective and magical ways. Indeed, this project is stuffed with material that utilizes false deals for maximum magical impact, always keeping the techniques hidden. This project is NOT about exposed demonstrations of skill. There are no pseudo deals, no exposé. You are going to learn how to intelligently apply advanced card technique to bamboozle and mystify your audience like never before.

Bottom Deal

The Grip
The Buckle
The Erdnase Bottom Deal
The Erdnadse Bottom Deal From A Packet
One Handed Bottom Deal
Face Up Bottom Deal
Larry Jenning's Take & Turn
Ed Marlo's Bomb Door
Practise Tips

A Sequence - Jack Merlin
Stop Surprise
Missed Match - Gene Maze
All From One
Dunbury Delusion - Charlie Miller
Classic Ace Assembly - Peter Kane
Royal Marriages Countdown - Mike Skinner

Bonus Effects
Confounding The Critics - Mickey MacDougal
A Mathematical Mystery - Jack Carpenter
Second Deal Sam - Fred Lowe
5th, 4th, 3rds & 2nds

Second Deal
Strike Second Deal
Stud Second Deal
Erdnase Pushoff Second Deal
Vernon's Second Deal
Underhand Second Deal
One Handed Second Deal

Immediate Ace Spelling
Cannibal Cards - Roy Walton
Water Chestnut - Peter Duffie
Aces To Order - Dai Vernon
You Name It, I'll Change It - Roy Walton

Double Deal
The Double Deal
The Ghost Deal

Lost Aces - Jack Merlin
Velvet Aces
Double Deal Aces - Gene Maze
Poker Demo - Gene Maze

Centre Deal
The Centre Deal

Rough Diamond - Alex Elmsley
Triple Pairing
The Expert's Dunbury - Ed Marlo

Over four hours of material
18 Techniques
24 Incredible Routines
Material from the likes of Roy Walton, Peter Duffie, Gene Maze, Jack Merlin, Alex Elmsley & Mike Skinner
Also features an exclusive routine from Jack Carpenter

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