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At the Table Live Lecture - Bizzaro 11/19/2014 - video DOWNLOAD Review

October 1st, 2015 7:18am
Reviewed by Aaron Payne
I have always love the At the Table Live Lecture's. If you have watched anyone of them you know why, they are jam packed with amazing tricks and theories. They have real people come in and watch magicians and non magicians. But this on in particular is amazing. Bizzaro is a very creative person he may have not released a lot of his own personal magic but he consults with the best magicians in the world. But enough of that, this is not a typical lecture but before you back away you need to listen. This lecture teaches you some tricks and also many ways you can create your own gimmicks and magic. This shows wiring and everything. You will know how to create electronic gimmicks and almost everything. If you don't get this you will regret it, trust me. This is a much get for a great price.

Product info for At the Table Live Lecture - Bizzaro 11/19/2014 - video DOWNLOAD

Author: Bizzaro
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $24.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

In a world full of reality TV and lackluster entertainment, Bizzaro: The Optical Illusionist, strives to prove that "normal" is just the setting on a dryer.

Bizzaro has performed from coast to coast and appeared on FOX, NBC, America's got Talent, and the Travel Channel's Extreme Conventions. He has even been seen at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. He has fabricated magic for other entertainers like Gallagher and the one and only, David Copperfield.

This will be a lecture like you have never seen before, as Bizzaro takes you into his laboratory of magic and mystery. You will learn, STEP BY STEP, how to make, construct and perform magic from Bizzaro's twisted yet VERY creative mind.

This will be a lecture on Prop making and creativity. He will also talk about simple, basic electronics that you can do at home, to turn your performance into something amazing!

Every effect that Bizzaro performs and teaches in this lecture will be BRAND NEW, material that has NEVER BEEN PUBLIHSHED!

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