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Reality Twister Book Review

Official Review

December 23rd, 2003 1:50am
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
When I rate a book, I like to compare its nature to those of its kind. So, what is the nature of the Reality Twister book?

Well, it is a collection of ideas for the Reality Twister gimmick, which is a clever device for making the middles of objects twist and/or disappear. Pete McCabe and Paul Harris have collected a number of ideas to use with the prop, other than the bendy pen as described in the original offering.

This is a fun book. Written in that Paul Harris twisted style, you will have a good time flipping through the pages. Also, a lot of the ideas are frustrating because you read them and go, why didn't I think of that? Some of them, however, you will just go, wow, I never would have thought of that?

I don't want to go into too many details as the value in this book is from the applications provided. If you have the prop, and I tip some of the best ideas, then you may think there is little reason to buy the book. That would be your loss.

If you have Reality Twister then you NEED this book. It is a small investment to insure that you get maximum value out of the money you have already spent on the R.T. gimmick. If you are thinking about R.T. but are on the fence, then get the book first and let your brain start to salivate for a bit.

My only regret is that the book didn't come out packaged with R. T. Had it, R.T. would have been the hot item of 2003. But, given the fact that it is the variety of contributors which really makes the booklet shine, I don't think any other course of action would have been possible.

Well written, well illustrated, well produced. As it is not a stand alone booklet, but an addenda to a marketed item I will give it a strong 4 stars.

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Author: McCabe, Pete
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Manufacturer's Description:

Astonishing new twists with Paul Harris' Reality Twister by Pete McCabe! A new companion book to the now famous Reality Twister! Learn to astonish spectators in their own hands with ideas like: Invisible Linking Ring, String Theory, Twisted Topology, The Mighty Fine,Rotation Penetration, and The Meat Stick of Plenty.

PLUS Dozens more ingenious new effects and how to make your own twisted pens and spoons -- the ultimate give aways!

Book includes ideas from: Paul Harris, Peter McCabe, Ben Harris, R. Paul Wilson, David Regal, Michael Weber, Kenton Knepper, Brad Burt, Joel Givens, Tom Cutts, and more!

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