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Pasteboard: SansMinds Workers' Series Review

Official Review

August 25th, 2015 12:31am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
This DVD is a great project by Sans Mind and it contains five excellent tricks. As with all Sans Mind projects, the production value it top-notch. The tricks are each performed by Jason, from Sans Mind, in a live setting and then a studio setting. Then, each trick is then taught in the studio by Jason. I find his style and patter to be amusing, funny and captivating at the same time. The DVD comes with some materials necessary to create one of the gimmicks. The promotional video and ad copy are accurate too.

The first of the five tricks is Tap Change. Which, is incidentally my favorite. Here the spectator freely picks a card and loses it in the middle of the deck When the performer searches for, he produces the wrong card. He then taps the wrong card on the spectators hand and it visually changes into the selected card. This is totally impromptu and requires fluency with 2 moves that need to be performed with precision. It does require a bit of practice to pull it off, but it is worth it.

The second trick, Tear, is a card transposition in which the torn corner from a spectator's card switches places with the performer's torn corner of another card. It is a very cool card transposition that requires a small amount of set-up. It is a stunning trick.

Take is an effect in which a pip moves off the card to change its value. This requires some arts and crafts time and Sans Mind suggests that this trick be used for television performances or stage performances where the performance is being broadcast into a screen. In my opinion not for close-up or strolling gigs.

Mouth is a great card-in-mouth transposition effect. The performer starts the trick with the spectators' full knowledge that a Joker is in his mouth. A selected card is searched for in the deck and the Joker ends up in the deck and the selected card in the performer's mouth.

Move, like Take, requires some constructions. It is a very cool trick in which a drawing on the face of a signed card visually moves in front of the spectators.

Overall, this is one of the strongest Sans Mind instructional DVD's in recent history. Each trick is worthy. I highly recommend this project as I look forward to the next installment of the Sans Mind Worker's Series.

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Publisher: SansMinds Productionz
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Manufacturer's Description:

Pasteboard from the SansMinds Worker's Series is a project designed to serve the working magicians. Every piece in this card magic collection is selected with the highest standard considering its commercial value, practicality, angles, and the venue these effects cater to. The effects range from close up, strolling situations, to live feed with a projection system.

1. Tap Change- A full card colour change in the spectators' open palm! [Close-up / Strolling]

2 Tear - A two card transposition effect designed for direct interaction with the spectator. [Strolling / Close up]

3. Take - A pip moving card effect designed for TV or stage with live feed projection.

4. Mouth - An open prediction with a twist. A joker changes to a signed card all the way up in the magician's mouth. [Close-up / Strolling]

5. Move - Visually linking two hearts drawn with a sharpie on a SIGNED card right underneath the signature. [TV / Close-up / Strolling ]

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