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Fred's Mental Miracle Review

Official Review

August 22nd, 2015 9:17pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I had the pleasure of seeing this performed live by the creator in a show honoring our mutual friend Kenton Knepper. We were both on the bill, but I managed to sneak into the audience to see Barry’s performance.

I’m guessing you’ve had this feeling before, but I just know when what I’m seeing is a professional routine that has been honed over hundreds of performances. There’s a flow and a polish to it that only comes from experience.

So while I typically leave my “verdict” for the end of the review, I’m going to put it first, then spend the rest of this review explaining why.

Bottom line: If you want a professional routine that plays big, is easy to do, and has all the kinks worked out, buy this. You will not be disappointed!

As you can read in the description, this is basically a stage-sized Brainwave type effect. Your only props are:
  • Two decks of cards
  • Three (very durable) plastic wine glasses

While there is some “work” in the decks, there are no gimmicks. The decks provided are already setup, but you’re also given full instructions on how to recreate them, if necessary. If all your props were stolen, a quick trip to the convenience store and a few minutes of prep is all you’d need to be set to go.

I should also point out that the decks are Jumbo Index style… a touch that typically only appears in professional routines.

As someone who used to perform with glass wine glasses, I’m in awe of the quality of the plastic ones that Barry has found. They’re gorgeous and exceptionally durable. As an extra bonus, the bases un-screw from the bowls so they pack even smaller and the most fragile part (the stem) is protected by the bowl, itself. And Barry has been very generous and left the glasses in the original manufacturer’s packaging so you know where to get more if you ever lose or break one (very unlikely).

The routine, itself, is really where you get your value. As I said, every little detail has been worked out. There are no moves or anything to remember. In fact, the only time you ever touch the cards is to hand out the decks and transfer cards from one wine glass to another (in full view and under complete direction of an audience member). It really is self-working!

And it will fool you… badly.

Product info for Fred's Mental Miracle

Author: Barry Schor
Publisher: Presto Magic Studio
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $70.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

A volunteer chooses one of two decks of cards (red or blue). The other deck is given to a second spectator. The first spectator openly chooses one card from their (red) deck, and it’s placed in an empty wine glass so the face of the card is visible to everyone. The other volunteer looks through the (blue) deck they’re holding for the same card. It’s not in the deck, and there are only 51 cards! The wine glass holding the first volunteer’s chosen card is turned around to show the back of the card. It’s the missing card from the other deck (and the only blue-backed card in the red deck)!

You get ...
ONE reputation-making effect that is always ready to go with just
TWO prepared decks and ... No more broken stemware!
THREE durable glasses that pack down for easy transport. They’ll stand up to hundreds of performances. Plus complete instructions. Everything you need is inside!

This is a clean, no-sleight Brainwave effect (a stranger card) for parlor or stage that has a VERY strong ending and answers the question in the audience’s mind, “Where did that other card come from?” It is performed under strict test conditions, uses ungimmicked cards, and is incredibly easy to do.

Spectators have free choices
No switches
No sleights
No stooges
No gimmicked cards
No rough and smooth
No mirror glasses
Sets up in seconds
Plays for 10 people or 100
Easy to do - If you can pick up a single card you can do Fred’s Mental Miracle!

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