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Thumb Fun Review

Official Review

August 20th, 2015 5:44am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
This is a great classic. It is easy and fun to perform and spectators get a huge kick out of this trick. With Thumb Fun, the performer allows the spectator to pick a card and does not reveal it to the performer. The performer then shows a stack of 5 small blank pieces of white paper and after displaying that his thumb is clean, he presses it onto one of the pieces of papers and reveals a thumb print with a tiny image of the selected card, printed on the paper.

I have a dim recollection of seeing this trick as a kid, many decades ago. Discontinued since then, it was brought back and updated by Devin Knight, with permission .

This trick comes with the necessary small pieces of white paper and two double sided pages of instructions. The instructions are clearly printed with excellent illustrations, which are easy to follow and understand. This is not like so many tricks where the written instructions have been copied over and over so that it is blurry and barely legible. These instructions are newly printed and not only contain the instructions, but suggested patters and Sid Lorraine's one-liner gags he used to use when performing this trick. The one liners are a bit outdated and probably won't be used.

You can reveal different outcomes, different selected cards, ESP symbols or even a custom word or drawing.

The ad copy is accurate except for the statement that there are "no sleights." That is not accurate. There is a move that needs to be done, but it is as easy as waving hello to a friend.

This is fun for audiences of all ages, fun in a close-up or strolling situation and can be carried around in your wallet at all times.

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Publisher: Illusion Concepts - Devin Knight
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

This was one of Sid Lorraine's most popular tricks. It has been off the market for more than 40 years. Devin Knight obtained permission from the Abbott Magic Company to release this again and to update the original directions. How good is this effect? Well, it was one of the late Doug Henning's favorite tricks and was personally taught to him by Sid. Doug Henning used it everywhere, including in some of his touring stage shows, showing it on a big screen behind him.

EFFECT: A playing card is selected and kept a secret from the performer. The performer shows five small white cards blank on both sides, the size is roughly 1.5 x 2.5. He cleanly removes a card and shows it to be blank on both sides (no double-lift).

The performer shows there is nothing on his thumb and presses it against the blank card, when he lifts his thumb, there is seen to be a black thumbprint with a small replica of the chosen card inside the thumbprint. One of the most novel and commercial card revelations ever invented and a favorite of many professional magicians. Everything can be examined. You can repeat the effect later and have a different card appear. Appeals to all ages. You are not limited to playing cards, you can make numbers, ESP symbols or even the person's initials appear within the thumbprint. You can leave the thumbprint with the spectator to show to others.

This effect comes with Sid's complete directions updated by Devin Knight. A highly sought-after effect by collectors that is now available again. The effect looks so good you will almost fool yourself. Learn to do it in five minutes.


"I really do think this gem is something that many magicians will find as a 'keeper' as they perform it and realize the wonderful effect it has on an audience. You have revived an exceptional piece of magic for many to enjoy! I'm impressed and very happy that you've gone through all that you have to make this available again."
- Chester McBain

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