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Man in the Moon Review

October 20th, 2017 3:09am
Reviewed by Vincent
Great version of the sucker Die Box themed Magic Props. If you are entertaining younger children, this is a winner. Look don't see Magic which gets the children screaming. I have the original by Supreme which was very difficult to get. However, there are other versions which are good and I cannot recommend this more highly. One of my Favourites!
Yours truly, Magical Entertainer Vincent, Toronto

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The “ Man in the Moon” ( a large wooden disc with a face painted on it), is taken from his home (a prop, made -to look-like a cloud), and placed in a second box. (This has two doors, and is finished like a storm cloud.) The magician explains that the idea of the trick is to “pass” the Man in the Moon back to his former home; it is here that the almost endless fun starts!
Tipping the box from side to side, and opening one door at a time, the per former claims that the Man in the Moon has Vanished! Unfortunately for him, each time the box is tilted, a DULL THUD is heard! The audience are not slow to tell him that they want to see both doors opened at the same time. After much fun, they are finally opened together, and of course, our little friend has vanished! Picking up the original “home cloud”, the magician boastfully announces that the Moon Man has returned home. BUT, upon opening the door ... Horror of Horrors ... it is seen to be STILL EMPTY! Something has gone wrong, and the performer starts to “explain”. During the “explanation” ... the Moon Man peeps over the top of the Cloud which the performer is holding, and the audience shout out. But every time magician turns to have a look at what the audience is shouting about, the Moon Man drops back out of sight! This makes them YELL more than ever. Eventually he is caught, and another HOWLER comes to an end. It’s great Entertainment ... Guaranteed 100% ... A WINNER EVERY TIME! A beautifully made prop, in wood ... handsomely decorated. Excellent for Drawing Room or the Largest Stage. READY TO WORK RIGHT AWAY!

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