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It's A Match Review

Official Review

August 7th, 2015 1:16am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson


The effect is clever, and the method is good. I think this product lends itself to having an interesting premise and entertaining routine. It also lends itself well to being incorporated into other effects with a similar theme, such as a room number effect or a prediction of an imaginary trip created by audience members.

In the DVD he gives some ideas for alternative uses for the effect.

The difficulty level is very easy.

The props are extremely well made.

The instruction is very good.

The ad copy is pretty spot on.


The negatives are really minor, in my opinion:

You need this handful of matchbooks to perform the effect. So, it is not a packs-small sort of routine. It’s not huge props, but not something you are likely to do in strolling. However, you could dedicate one of your coat pockets for this and perhaps come up with a clever humorous routine that involved participants reaching into your pocket and removing random matchbooks and then have one person pull out a matchbook to match your prediction. They don’t teach that routine on the DVD, but the concepts on the DVD would steer you in the direction of possible methods. For example, you could have two bags in your pocket.

Another small negative is the matchbooks don’t have any addresses or phone numbers on them. That might seem odd to a participant who is very analytical. However, while most matchbooks advertising a hotel or any other business for that matter are likely to have an address printed on them, it is not uncommon for larger businesses with various locations to not print an address. They are likely to have a website or phone number. Just be warned that these matchbooks do not have any address, website, or phone number printed on them.


Very nice product, good instruction, and something that lends itself to some interesting and entertaining travel routines. On the downside, you will need to carry a handful of matchbooks and on the DVD, he uses a rather large glass bowl for his presentation.

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Author: Leviss, Andy
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The magician displays a hotel key card, which is placed face down in full view on the table. He then introduces many different hotel matchbooks, reading the names of a few of them aloud. A participant is invited onstage and asked to choose one of the matchbooks from a large bowl. The name of the hotel is read aloud and it's found to be the same hotel as the magician's key.

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