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StarStruck (Red) Review

Official Review

August 9th, 2015 8:28am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

The DVD has some interesting concepts, combining a few different magic concepts and taking an old classic gimmicked deck and modifying its use.

In the cons section, you will see my opinion about this effect. You may have a different opinion, so let me say that the instruction is good, and you get two good quality gimmicked decks of cards. You will need to provide a few things on your own: A tin to hold flash paper pieces, flash paper, and a lighter.


Of course, this is just one person’s opinion, but something about the cutout star shape in the card seems less magical to me. Perhaps it’s because the star shape is cut out of the card, not torn out or burned out. Even though he suggests you put “smoke marks” on the face of the card, the star is still clearly cut out.

You are asking your participant to “buy” the idea that somehow that shape got instantly cut out of the card with some sort of invisible scissors. I think the problem with this magic is it is difficult for the participant to not think that this is a puzzle that is difficult to explain as opposed to a magic experience that has no possible explanation.

This effect uses a very old gimmicked deck concept in a unique way, with the production of a thought of card with a star cut out. I think the original method with this sort of gimmicked deck is stronger magic because it is an unexplainable connection between the performer who put a card upside down in a deck and the participant who thought of a random card and they are the same card.

I think that to have the same sort of magical impact, you would need to say you cut a shape out of a card and placed it upside down in the deck.


The effect is interesting, but in my opinion, it is not great magic.

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Product info for StarStruck (Red)

Author: Sankey, Jay
Publisher: Sankey Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $55.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

STARSTUCK is like a double-barrelled shotgun. Pure magic, and pure mentalism, combined!

One spectator selects a shape from among a collection of 12 common shapes, including a square, circle, star, heart, oval, diamond, rectangle, etc.

And a second spectator freely names ANY card in the pack.

A few moments later, the chosen shape is found BURNT through the middle of the named card!!!

  • Immediately repeat the effect with a DIFFERENT card!
  • Easy to do! No sleight-of-hand!
  • Instantly resets!
  • Can be performed surrounded!
  • Amaze people with Starstruck close-up and stand-up!

Comes complete with very special Bicycle brand cards, a custom-printed packet of 12 'shape cards,' and a 60-minute DVD including many different handlings and presentations for this reputation-making effect!

"Sankey's 'Starstruck' is great! The final revelation won't be forgotten any time soon!"
- Nathan Kranzo

"I love the build, the moment, and the kick to the head that Starstruck delivers! STOP giving away the real workers, and share them only with me!"
- Bill Abbott

"'Starstruck' combines some wonderful principles and devious psychology into one blockbuster of an effect!"
- Richard Sanders

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