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Unbelievalope (DVD and props) Review

Official Review

July 10th, 2015 10:24pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
Just as I was getting ready to write this review, I mentioned the product to a friend. He’s a very successful pro based in Europe. It turns out that he had already purchased it and was working on a few improvements for Jeff Kaylor to consider (which I’m sure he will).

So instead of me talking about my impressions, I’m just going to pass on the thoughts of someone who’s been actually working with it for weeks now:

Kaylor's ‘Unbelievalope’ is more of a tool than a trick. Sure, he suggests some routines, but the real value isn’t in those tricks. The real value is that he provides you with a tool that will stimulate you to create powerful routines or will help you to hide the method of your double-writing routine much deeper for example.

The tool that allows you to show a dummy prediction (card, folded piece of paper) that’s in a windowed envelope and switch it in full sight for the when taking the card or the folded paper out. The method has been around for a while and I remember a few marketed items that made use of it. But I really like the size, optics and material of Unbelievalope. The window is big, the envelope is made out of cardboard and will last for a long time (you get two, plus an ungimmicked version) and the switch looks so natural that you will fool yourself in front of a mirror.

The instructions are clear and inspired me to come up with a strong routine that’s already part of my repertoire while watching it. One of the demonstrations shows how Jeff combines this tool with the ‘Any card to any wallet’ tool/holdout. That means that you can put the Unbelievalope in full sight. Walk to it empty handed without wearing a jacket, roll up your sleeves if you want, and take out the card or folded piece of paper while switching it.

It will take a little, but not too much, practice to practice the choreography and make it look natural and clean. But the instructions will help you with that. After you feel comfortable with the switch, you’ll find yourself musing about how you can integrate it in your existing prediction routines or new routines that you can create with it.

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Product info for Unbelievalope (DVD and props)

Author: Kaylor, Jeff
Publisher: Kaylor Productions
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Retail Price: $39.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Unbelievalope is a specially engineered envelope that allows you to predict future events or make cards travel through space and time.

Imagine handing a spectator an envelope with a written prediction seen inside. Randomly chosen audience members freely name anything; favorite foods, destinations, celebrities, dates, or any personal information only they would know. Then, unbelievably, you reveal those exact details in your prediction!

OR, your envelope can clearly display a single playing card in full view. Then any card from any deck is signed and lost in the shuffle. Again, unbelievably, the card that is visibly removed from the envelope is the card just signed by the spectator!

To be clear...this is an envelope with an almost full front window that's designed to switch any object that's in full view under seemingly impossible conditions.

You'll get over an hour of professional instruction that teaches multiple applications. Plus several custom designed, high quality Unbelievalopes that can replace prediction systems that cost thousands of dollars without needing a secret assistant.So if you're looking for something to close your show that packs small but can entertain from 2 to 2,000 people, (and who isn't?), then you need Jeff Kaylor's Unbelievalope.

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