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Quarter Go (B.T. Box) Review

September 11th, 2015 1:30am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

I really like this little box. The box is roughly 2 inches by 2 inches by 1.5 inches.

The instructions describe an effect whereby a signed coin vanishes from a handkerchief and appears in the box. However, this box could be used for a card production as well. You would need to use a modified fold, not the standard Mercury fold as the box is just barely too small for a mercury card fold. See the Suggestions section for a really great idea.

The box is gimmicked in a very clever way. What I really like about this is a participant can hold the box and they will not be able to see or find the gimmick. In fact, once the gimmick has been triggered, even you can’t get into the box unless it is unlocked.


It would have been really nice if the box was about and eighth of an inch larger and then it would hold a Mercury card fold.


Great box that can be used not only for the effect described, but for some really good card effects as well.

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A borrored coin is marked and placed under a handkerchief. Suddenly the coin vanishes. Magician then introduces a small wooden box that is securely locked with a small padlock. The spectator is given the key and asked to open the box. Inside is the marked coin! Comes with the box, lock and instructions. Use your favorite method to vanish the coin then reproduce it from the locked container.

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