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Get Sharky Review

Official Review

August 8th, 2015 12:06am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is an effect that came out some years ago. However, I recently pulled this out of my magic closet and was reminded why I liked this so much.

This deck is so powerful. I would use this effect over the tossed out deck any day. The beauty of this deck is a participant can riffle a few cards, see different cards, pick one they like, remember it, and you can read their mind or reveal their card any way you like.

You can do the effect with several spectators. Unlike the tossed out deck, you can name specific people who remembered specific cards if you don’t toss out the deck. If you do toss out the deck, then the effect would be similar to other tossed out deck routines.

The instructions come with a complete routine and the skill level required is really basic beginner.

This effect would be suitable for any sort of venue, walk-around, street, close-up, stage.


You get a very sophisticated deck that is printed on high quality Phoenix stock so it should last longer than a regular bicycle deck. The deck will likely last you longer than a regular deck, but it is going to wear out at some point and you will need to re-purchase. You cannot make refills.

Be aware, you get no DVD, only a single printed page of instruction. That said, you probably don’t need more than the page of instruction. The principle, while ingenius, is pretty simple.


Awesome effect!

Product info for Get Sharky

Author: Christoph Borer
Publisher: Card-Shark
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $80.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Our biggest selling effect in 2010, now also available in our brandnew Parlour size, perfect for Stage performer.

The magician explains that he is going to show a trick that was performed by a famous one-armed magician.

To demonstrate he places his right hand in his pocket. With his left hand he holds up a deck of cards and instructs the spectator to peek at any card he likes.

Without any suspicious moves the magician hands out the deck to the spectator and nonchalantly snaps his fingers. The spectator is now asked to go through the deck and find his chosen card. The spectator looks through the deck but the card has vanished!

The magician slowly removes his right hand from his pocket and shows the selected card! A miracle.

Christoph Borer, the inventor of this trick, released this effect years ago but only in the German speaking countries where it gathered great reputation. Now it is available in an even more convincing version using Phoenix cards. We fooled all great names in magic in Atlanta, San Diego and at the Magic Castle, Hollywood. The method is so brilliant you'll love to perform it.

This is a great effect and can be performed on stage, parlor and closeup. Remember everything happens in the spectators hands. The deck can be examined and the effect can be immediately repeated with a different outcome!

"I must have one for myself."
George Schindler

"I have not been this fooled ever."
Jon Armstrong

"I love it when the method is as clever and cunning as the effect."
Gregory Wilson

"I usually hate card magic but this effect is awesome. It's a must have for everybody."
Dirk Losander

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