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Horoscope Blue (DVD and Gimmick) Review

Official Review

August 1st, 2015 4:30am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a great, funny, horoscope theme effect that uses regular playing cards and what looks like a horoscope page cut from a magazine.

The effect can be done in a humorous way or a serious way. It comes with a serious horoscope page and a humorous horoscope page. Each horoscope page comes with a bonus effect on the back that is the Elephant in Denmark effect, but cleverly disguised as a travel ad for Denmark.

The props are good quality. The explanation is excellent. I really enjoyed watching Chris’ style and humor. Not only does he explain the effect well, he demonstrates very a good entertainment example.

The method is very clever.

I really like that this is a very clever horoscope routine without any special little horoscope cards.


It is important to note that the main presentation involves using a “card to wallet” wallet. In the explanation, he gives an alternative if you don’t want to use a gimmicked wallet. The alternative is very good, but I think the card to wallet version is stronger. In the suggestions section, I will describe what I think is a stronger alternative to the version that does not use a card to wallet.


One of the best horoscope theme effects. The effect doesn’t require it, but benefits greatly by using a card to wallet gimmick. If you don’t have one, I would strongly suggest “The Worker’s Dream” by Harry Robson. It has an excellent card to sealed envelope.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

This effect is great as explained. However, it seems to me that you could combine the strength of the humorous horoscope version with the appeal of the more serious horoscope version. He suggests in the DVD that with some people, you may not want to use the humorous horoscope page because some people take their horoscopes very seriously. In this case, you would pull out the serious page out of your wallet instead of the humorous page. The humorous page has a very glowing horoscope that you read and then you stop yourself and say that is your horoscope. You then read a very humorous and unflattering horoscope for them. The page has a different humorous and unflattering horoscope for each Zodiak sign. An alternative is to use the serious page and just pretend to read something very flattering for yourself and something unflattering for them. All you have to do is use the same flattering one for yourself and the same unflattering one for them every time. After you practice the effect a bit, you should have it down. Here is an example: “Let me read your horoscope. Let’s see: You are charming and witty. Your talents will lead to great success… wait. Sorry, that was my horoscope. What were you again? Libra? OK, let me read yours: Life will be a real challenge for you and your success will be quite limited. On the bright side, if you set your goals low, you won’t be disappointed.” This should elicit a good laugh and then you can read their real horoscope. This way, you cover both bases with everyone. For the person who doesn’t really believe in horoscopes, they had a good laugh. For the person who takes them serious, you leave them with a genuine horoscope reading.

Another idea is to use decks of different color and they select a card of one color back and you produce a card of a different color back either out of your wallet or the alternative described below. If you use roughing fluid, you can show a regular deck face up

As for an alternative to the gimmicked wallet approach: They teach a very good alternative using an envelope. Here is another suggestion: Re-fold the horoscope page so the word “horoscope” is on the outside. Take out the folded horoscope page so the word “horoscope” is facing the audience, right side up. Set it on the deck of cards. Steal away the card under the horoscope page and set the deck aside as you say: “I cut this horoscope page from a magazine… Inside, I placed a playing card with a special message… just for you. No, seriously, this message is JUST for you. I know, a little creepy.“ Open the first flap and look inside as if looking for the card and not seeing it there. Open the bottom flap and “reach in” with your thumb inside the flap and the rest of your fingers holding the card underneath the folded horoscope page. Pull the card out, apparently from inside the folds of the horoscope and lay the card down face down on the table and mention that you will get to the card in a moment. The motivation for setting the deck aside is very natural, because you have to set the deck aside to unfold the horoscope page. Whether you use the envelope approach or this approach, you have to keep the motivation in mind. When you set the horoscope page on the deck of cards, it is important to hold the horoscope page on the deck of cards, say in your left hand, and point to it with your right hand as you say something like: “I cut this horoscope page out of a magazine.” You then switch the horoscope and hidden card to your right hand and set the deck down as you then open the folds of the horoscope page, looking for the card you placed inside as you say: “Earlier, I place a card from another deck with a special message… just for you.”

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Author: Congreave, Chris
Publisher: Magic Tao
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $40.00
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You ask your spectator if they have read their horoscope and that you have a horoscope page, torn from a magazine, in your wallet. You tell them that each star sign has a lucky playing card; they then select a card. You take a prediction from inside your wallet that not only predicts their card, but also their star sign! On the magazine page is a reading for their star sign and printed on the page is their lucky card. Comes with 2 presentations, serious and comedy, plus a DVD with full explanations.

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