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Midnight Moonshine Deck Review

Official Review

June 29th, 2015 9:18pm
Reviewed by Tracy Atteberry
For the impatient, I really like this deck and think you should probably buy it. It is an example of details done well.

The Midnight Moonshine deck from Enigma LTD is a follow-up to their excellent Moonshine deck which featured a lighter design. Midnight Moonshine features a deep blue, almost purply-black to my eye, back and box design.

The box: The box design shows the kind of care and attention to detail that many designers tend to overlook. (Or maybe this design simply calls for more detail and I happen to like that.) The box has a matte finish with silver embossed foil text. The back of the box mimics the card back design but instead of the white border adds additional border detail which enhances the quality feel of the product. While the front of the box shows the ace of spades design in the center, it is no mere hollow echo as so many designs are. I love the surrounding moon motif, filigree, and edging that were added just for the box design.

Another lovely touch is the quote on the boxes tuck flap from Arthur Conan Doyle. "The night hides a world but reveals a universe."

Inside the box: There are 56 cards inside the box, the standard deck of 52, two jokers, a light/dark double backer, and a dark/dark double backer matching the reset of the deck. The ace of spades and jokers have a special design while the rest of the deck is the standard USPCC design stock. While some, especially collectors, may prefer a bit more customization in the rest of the deck, this setup is exactly what I'm looking for. The cards themselves handle exactly like you would expect of a deck from USPCC -- nicely.

The two jokers are identical, show two wooden barrels with the "Enigma" logo printed on the bottom of one with just the right amount of subtlety. The word "Joker" appears beneath the barrels.

The ace of spades is, of course, where the designer let go a bit from the classy restraints of a 1920's aesthetic and gave in to the more ethereal elements of moonshine and the speakeasy. Unlike the box image, the image on the ace overflows its usual bounds with wisps of inky smoke. Here a text description becomes difficult and I invite you to look at the product images to appreciate what I mean.

Finally, the back design is what makes the difference in whether you really want to use and show off a deck. For me, the Midnight Moonshine deck does not disappoint. I really like the simple elegance of the design and the midnight blue shades. Also, it accomplishes something that other back designs fail to do well. It incorporates the designer's logo in a way that nicely blends with the rest of the design. I dare say that a casual audience member would not even recognize it as a logo and that this is good thing.

Whether you're a collector, hobbyist, or a working pro with an act geared toward the old-timey or high class, this deck should be on your list.

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Product info for Midnight Moonshine Deck

Author: US Playing Card Co
Publisher: Enigma LTD
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $11.50
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Manufacturer's Description:

The clock strikes midnight, doors are bolted... let the real night begin.

Midnight Moonshines are the elusive follow up to the outstanding best selling deck of custom cards The Moonshines.

The originals encapsulated the feel of the 1920's speakeasy bars through the prohibition era. Now, the Midnight Moonshines take a peek behind closed doors, when the bars would lock up and the real parties would begin.

Better than ever, the Midnight Moonshines have a luxurious deep blue, thick matte skinned box with breathtaking silver foil embossing that seamlessly entwines with it's intricate design.

Printed on the United States Playing Cards high quality stock and finish playing cards, the back design effortlessly absorbs the casings sheer beauty. They faro like the ease of taking that first sip of your favourite beverage after a long day at work, Spread with true elegance and feel... well you're just going to have to experience that for yourself.

The world famous Moonshine Ace is back but like you've never seen it before. Plunged in a plume of alluring deep ink, it rises out in pure trails of white smoke.

Back in black... The Midnight Moonshines.

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