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Double Back Review

Official Review

August 8th, 2015 12:06am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

An excellent gimmicked version of Dr Daley’s Last Trick. Why the need for a gimmicked version? Because it is so powerful. You place two fives in the participants hands. You show two kings in your hand. Without touching their cards, your cards turn into fives and their cards turn into Kings.

Another great thing about this effect is if you were to purchase a commonly available magic deck of cards, an additional regular deck of cards, and something available at most any office supply store, you would have a lifetime supply of refills.


One negative is he doesn’t talk at all about how to clean up after the trick. So, because this is such a great effect, here are a few thoughts:
1. At the beginning, ring in the gimmick card in a regular deck. Keep a regular five to match the gimmick on top of the deck. Grasp the cards with your right hand with the gimmick on top and palm the gimmick as you grab the deck. Hand the deck to someone and ask them to shuffle the deck. Present another card effect.
2. Go into the pocket with all the cards to come out with a pen for another effect and in the pocket, ditch the gimmick.
3. place the cards in the pocket and do a different effect, such as a coin effect.
4. If you do this as you last effect, simply box up the cards and pocket them. You could slide the gimmick to the outside of the box as you box up the cards and place the box of cards and the gimmick in your pocket. If anyone asks for the deck of cards, you simply bring out the box and leave the gimmick behind, in your pocket.

Also, while you can do Dr Daley’s Last Trick with a regular deck of cards, you can’t do it as miraculously as is done with this effect.


A really wonderful version of a classic effect. Even though he didn’t cover how to clean up after the effect, this is such a powerful effect and I have given four ideas on how to clean up. In spite of that omission, because of the strength of the effect, I have given this five stars.

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Two cards, undeniably in your hands, instantly change places with those held by someone else! It just doesn't get any more direct.

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