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Mini Duvivier Wallet Review

Official Review

August 1st, 2015 4:30am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This product is really unfortunate, because it could have been good. There are some pretty good routines on the DVD… but…


The wallet quality is VERY poor. Parts of it are glued together and fall apart. The concept of the wallet is not new. You should know that the wallet design is based on the old kids toy of the z fold with the two strips at either end. So many children have played with this sort of toy, that some may recognize it for what it is.

The instruction is poor. Many times, entire sequences of what he is doing are either not explained at all, or not explained in an understandable way. The DVD has a bonus effect where I could not find the explanation!


This could have been good, because there are some good routines on the DVD, but the quality is shoddy.

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Product info for Mini Duvivier Wallet

Author: Duvivier, Dominique
Publisher: Mayette Magie Moderne
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $90.50
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Manufacturer's Description:

You have seen it during the Dominique Duvivier's shows in Double Fond, either "live" or in one of his video programs...

You have wanted it to use in your own performances...

You have requested it from the shop..

The Mini Duvivier Wallet is now available again ... this time in a leather version!

In a cardholder format it looks completely harmless. It is in fact a "replacement wallet", or "Himber Wallet" in the purest tradition, but with that revolutionary "Duvivier plus", which changes everything ... and which will enable your accessory to be examined.

Nine routines (yes, you have read it correctly, 9 routines!) are explained to you in detail on the DVD accompanying the equipment: original routines signed by Dominique Duvivier, Alexandra Duvivier and Quoc Tien Tran; big classics revisited and brought up to date, as well as the use of this marvelous wallet; full of useful tips which will enable you to develop your own applications!

You will need this accessory, whatever your technical level -- whether you are a beginner or an expert in performing card tricks!

Do not hesitate to acquire this essential tool for yourself!

You get in the nice box provided:
2 Mini Duvivier Himber wallets (leather made)
A DVD with 9 routines

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