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What Tha Review

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June 27th, 2015 9:31am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
What Tha is not so much of a magic trick as it is a close-up freak out gag. With that being said, if you are into shocking your audience with practical joke-like tricks, then this inexpensive heart-beat raising gimmick is for you.

With the What The gimmick, you have your hands cupped. You open your hands slightly and a tiny animal pokes its head out of your hands. It freaks your spectators out severely. This is likely because they were not actually expecting to see a real animal, but some finger trick. The animal disappears and the spectator is left freaking out and wondering what exactly did they see. The reactions are very strong from both men and women, but the women tend to be more alarmed by the animal.

The gimmick is well made and looks like a real animal. It is a clever idea. It is a one size fits all product, but it won't work with every finger size. The gimmick that came in my package was a bit sticky, which is not ideal, but does not inhibit your ability to perform What Tha. Because the gimmick is made with real feathers, it may get a bit ratty with frequent use.

The trick is explained in a 12 minute You Tube video, which is taught by Rodger Lovins. It is very easy to learn and the video likely could have been 3 minutes long - or 9 minutes shorter. The quality of the instructional video is not great and consists of Lovins speaking into a video camera while sitting on a couch in what is likely his basement. The instructions are a bit repetitive, but this trick is easy to master and the video gets the job done. Although there were small snippets of some live performances, I would have liked to have seen a full live performance with full audio. Lovins suggests a clever way to transport the gimmick in your pocket which should protect it from normal wear and tear. The promotional video and the ad copy are accurate, but the claim that this is the "coolest impromptu effects available today" may be a bit of hyperbole.

For what this is, it is fun and entertaining. There is no doubt that What Tha will appeal to the select performer.

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Product info for What Tha

Author: Lovins, Rodger
Publisher: Rodger Lovins
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

You can now own one of the coolest impromptu effects available today!

The magician is seen to reach out into thin air and with his or her bare hands (And Short Sleeves) produce a live creature! Then, just as quick, the performer makes it vanish! Was it real? Was it just an illusion? What the heck was it!!!!! Maybe it was just your imagination! The reactions you will get are unbelievable!

We have been working on this design for over three years. We wanted to come up with something that would look real, catch people off guard, yet leave the spectator with a feeling of wonderment and magic! Here is what some magicians have told us about "What Tha".

"What Tha, has become my favorite effect to perform while out and about everyday"

"This is great! Works well with my close up work."

"Freaked me out! I just had to have it!"

"It looks so real. I thought it was alive! I love it and so will you!"

I always ask people what they saw. Here are a few answers I have received. BIRD, MOUSE, LIZARD, SNAKE, SUGAR GLIDER, BUG, GERBIL, RAT, HAMSTER, SALAMANDER, FROG, and many more! But, the words I have heard most are "WHAT THA...".


Comes with one handmade creature and the link to free online video instructions!

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