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Scratch Review

Official Review

August 9th, 2015 8:27am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

A great, creative idea! On the DVD, he teaches three applications, one card routine, a clever bill switch routine, and a home-made “lotto” routine.

The instruction is good and the routines are very good.

The gimmicks are very well made.


The biggest negative is you use up a gimmick every time you perform. I really don’t like effects where I need to repurchase gimmicks. However, in the suggestion section you will find instructions for making your own scratchers! This really opens this world wide open.


This is a great DVD with a clever new approach to magic. This is a ton of fun.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

The biggest problem with this effect is you are limited to the gimmicks provided. However, below are instructions for making your own scratchers. This opens a whole new world of magic! For example, you could take actual, scratched scratchers and re-coat them with scratcher paint to make your own prediction of the outcome of the scratcher.

To make your own scratch off tickets you'll need:
dish soap (any brand will do)
acrylic paint (any color and brand of your choice)
paint brush
packing tape
painters tape
scrap paper
Let's get started!

1. Prepare your mixture. Two parts paint for every one part dish soap. Mix it up good, but try not to stir too aggressively - you don't want too many little bubbles.
2. Grab a piece of scratch paper and tape down (with packing tape) the card you're wanting to put the scratch off area on - making sure to cover the whole area you want painted over.
3. With painters tape, mark off what you don't want painted over. If you're brave and have a steady hand you could skip this step but I definitely prefer the clean lines that painters tape gives me.
4. Paint! Use thin, even layers. Don't worry if you can still see through it after the first coat, it will most likely take two or three coats to get it all covered.
5. After the paint is thoroughly dry, carefully peel off your painters tape. Go slowly so you don't accidentally rip off any of the paint.
6. Remove the card off of scratch paper and TA-DA!

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

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Author: Long, Chad
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Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

- Max Maven

3 Killer Routines:
  • Scratch the wrong card into a signed selection!
  • Scratch a lotto ticket to reveal a freely named number!
  • Scratch a Five-dollar bill into a Fifty!
Bonus Ideas!
Handling Tips!

Includes approximately 100 scratchers and instructional DVD.

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