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Lessons in Magic, Volume 1 Review

June 9th, 2015 11:39pm
Reviewed by chipperPaul
Some people speak of Juan Tamariz as though he were a god. I certainly don't know the man, and have no desire to attack him (on any level). I'd seen the man perform (on TV magic specials) a few times before, and thought he was OK. Now, when watching these types of videos, its important to remember that most (if not all) the audiences members seen here are paid.....sort of like an infomercial audience. Knowing that, it spoke volumes that several of them looked half-asleep when it was time to applaud.
Tamariz opened with a two-spectator card trick, involving loads of cutting and shuffling on the part of the spectators. Many performers think these types of tricks convey to the spectator "Wow, I'm losing his card and he won't be able to find it!".....but, generally, it doesn't. At the end of the exhausting ordeal, one of the spectators mis-called her card.....understandable, when you realize how tired she probably was! Later he does a pretty darn good cards across trick, that, I'll admit was moderately entertaining.

As an American, I'm sorry: I find Mr. Tamriz' demeanor to be loud and brazen.....which only make his performance more distracting than anything else. His tricks weren't that good and I could NEVER imagine booking him for a paid event with a lay audience. Can he teach....?? Sure, he does a utilitarian job at that, (which was certainly worth 1 star). If you can pick this tape up for a buck somewhere, sure, do it....what the heck! But don't kill yourself to get this one......these pedestrian lessons are nothing to yell about.

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Author: Tamariz, Juan
Publisher: A-1 Multimedia
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Lessons in routining and construction. No difficult sleight of hand. Neither Blind Nor Stupid - A masterful and thoughtful lesson in routining and magical structure that takes a self-working effect and turns it into a masterpiece of showmanship.; Follow the Leader - Not since Vernon has anyone received such a strong impact with this classic of card magic. Routining and audience participation make this a real Tamariz gem.; Cards Across - Two cards merely thought of by two spectators magically travel from one packet to another. A long sought after effect revealed on video.; The Caricature - One of Juan's signature pieces. A packet effect with real personality and a surprising climax. Approximately 88 minutes.

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