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The Weber Wallet Review

Official Review

August 9th, 2015 8:28am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

What a beautiful and powerful wallet! The method is simple and very ingenius. It works flawlessly. The routines possible with the wallet are extremely powerful.

The wallet includes several routines that are cleverly written up, disguised as a master card, a visa card, an American express card, and a dollar bill in the wallet.

The wallet also includes a very simple way to stack a deck that is simple and easy to remember.

Michael’s signature effect, the any card to the amount of money in his wallet is a tremendous routine.


First, the wallet is pricy. However, Michael’s version of the ACAAN routine is worth the purchase price alone, and you get an extremely well made wallet to boot.

The deck stack that comes with the wallet is a very simple way to do his ACAAN routine without having to memorize a difficult deck stack. However, you may want to use a more elaborate card stack. If you do use this simple stack, you might want to give the cards a shuffle before having the participant inspect the deck.


Pricey, but an excellent wallet with some very unique routines.


Instead of the simple stack described, another idea is to have a very random looking stack and a cheat sheet disguised as a receipt in the wallet.

Product info for The Weber Wallet

Author: Michael Weber
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $160.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Weber Wallet by Michael Weber One of magic's most powerful secrets and yet it hides in plain sight.


For the FIRST time ever, the Weber's Wallet is available outside of a Michael Weber lecture.

Even after a spectator has stared right at it, they can't remember it because the effects are so powerful it's like brainwashing your audience during your show.

The wallet comes with THREE original routines:

•A powerful mind-reading routine using borrowed dollar bills.

•A confounding effect where money vanishes while the spectator is holding it in their own hands.

•Weber's legendary version of the Any Card at Any Number plot which uses a normal deck and which packs a surprise that no other version can match.

In addition to the above, Weber's wallet has been designed with two secret features which will allow you to use it in an unlimited number of other effects.

Weber's Wallet is an original, custom designed and manufactured wallet that has been crafted to convey a sense of everyday elegance.

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