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Bandwidth Review

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June 15th, 2015 3:45am
Reviewed by Stuart Philip
Bandwidth is a fantastic effect in which the magician borrows a spectator's ring, stretches it several inches and then restores it to its natural state. The reactions to this well thought-out routine and quality gimmick is stellar and can knock 'em out, especially for close-up and walk around magic. This trick can be repeated many times during the course of a night.

I first saw Bandwidth, before it was commercially released, during Wilson's At The Table appearance (which was excellent). When I first saw it, I thought it was a solid worker, but once I actually had one in my possession, and I knocked out a few spectator's with the effect, I fell in love with the trick.

This trick comes with the gimmicks needed to perform Bandwidth and a size 11 silver ring, just in case you don't already have a ring. Wilson teaches you how to perform Bandwidth while wearing a t-shirt as well as a jacket. I have performed it both ways and they both work effectively.

The 34 minute streaming instructional video is taught by Wilson and it is clear and excellent quality. It is broken down into chapters that make sense and hold your attention. Not only does he teach the basic ring "stretching" routine, but a second phase in which the restored ring is apparently bent (and can be handed out at that time) and then thrown into the air, only to be apparently jabbed with your ring finger, where it lands fully restored to its normal shape. As a bonus, Wilson teaches Garrett Thomas's Ring Thing, which when done right, is very impressive

The packaging is excellent and the gimmick was perfectly designed so that the magician can "stretch" both gold and silver rings. I have no issues with the promotional video and I found the ad copy to be accurate.

A great trick, by a great magician that will yield you great reactions!

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Author: Wilson, Greg
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
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Retail Price: $39.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Gregory Wilson is a living legend, known for his creativity and in-your-face performance style. His latest creation, Bandwidth, is the next fearless creation that allows you to borrow a spectator's finger ring and stretch it like soft taffy.

A very visceral moment is created when you borrow a wedding band, then slowly pull the ring away from you as the metal begins to easily manipulate to your will. With a bold toss into the air, you instantly restore their ring back to its original shape.

Taking it a step further, you slowly crush their ring in your fingertips, right before their eyes, only to restore it to its original state with a swift, ninja-like piercing of your finger. They can take their ring off of your finger to find that their ring is in perfect condition.

Bandwidth is an incredibly memorable routine, as people have strong connections to their rings or wedding bands. To see them turn into soft butter in the hands of a miracle worker is insanely unforgettable. Bandwidth will carve out your reputation, instantly.

Stretch their ring, and their mind.... Both will never be the same again. Precision, laser-cut metal gimmicks included. Gimmick allows you to borrow and stretch silver or gold rings. Incredibly visual. Packs small, plays big. Always ready. 3 second-reset. Practice ring included. Easy streaming instructions by Gregory Wilson. Bonus routines, handlings, tips, tricks & more.

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