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Twisted Sisters Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by sctcarts
If I was only given the opportunity to perform two packet tricks for the rest of my natural life, John Bannon's 'Twisted Sisters' would be one of them. This is an excellent example of how minimal slight of hand creates an astounding effect. And by minimal, I mean minimal. There's one move that every magician from hobbyist to working pro will know, and the rest is presentation. The booklet accompanying the effect is well written, though the workers will no doubt adapt the trick into their own style.
I've not encountered this effect being performed in a stand-up situation (but I'm quite sure it's possible, just a lot to handle), and I recommend a mat or other surface (read between the lines-you need a table or really flat knees) but for the restaraunt worker who isn't against "elbowing up" to the customer, this will fit right in. Relativley easy reset, not instant, but worth it.
Bottom line? If you don't have it, get it, and if you do have it and you don't use it, why not?

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Author: Bannon, John
Publisher: A-1 Multimedia
Average Rating:  (4)
Retail Price: $15.00
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It's hard to believe so much magic could happen with virtually no moves. From red and blue backed packets, two cards simply imagined by two spectators cleanly change places. Just like that. As an inexplicable climax, the spectators' thought of cards prove to be the only cards that would make the trick work, all the other cards in both packets are Jokers. Best of all, Twisted Sisters accomplishes this spectacular effect in a squeaky clean fashion, no extra cards, virtually no handling. You will soon find out why, soon after its introduction, Twisted Sisters has been highly acclaimed as the best trick of its type.

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