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Wonder Light (DVD and Gimmick) Review

June 9th, 2015 11:39pm
Reviewed by chipperPaul
This is the first product I've ever purchased from Theatre Magic. It seems that they are very slick with packaging (reminds me of 'Houdini' magic) -- which doesn't make them criminals....just an observation. I received a box, the two gimmicks and a very well produced instructional DVD. I love instructional DVD's that DON'T show a perfect performance the entire time! Mistakes happen in real life! The instructor was excellent but he did have a few 'drops' etc. but that was OK.

The gimmicks ARE NOT 'D'Lites'! They involve a different design. I don't think its wrong for me to say they use a VERY MODERN type of technology. The only reason I knocked off one-half star was that the demonstrator one time (accidentally) actually called the gimmick a 'D'Lite' during the instructional video! Oops! I'm very happy with mine and was entertaining my son within 1 hour of opening the package...and he saw me open the package, but was still amazed!

Product info for Wonder Light (DVD and Gimmick)

Author: Theatre Magic
Publisher: Theatre Magic
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Manufacturer's Description:

Wonder Lights give you an incredible ability to harness energy at your fingertips. A magical spectacle of light! At anytime you reach out and grab a spot of bright light from thin air. All at your control. This is very captivating magic.

The Wonder Lights illuminate your entire hand!

You can toss it back and forth between your hands and make it vanish anytime you wish. Put the light in one ear pull it out another. Through your body, in one pocket out the other. Even pull it out of the ear of someone else. Wonder Lights can be performed anywhere and anytime. Absolutely amazing magic that always draws a crowd. People will stop and watch! Anyone can do this right away. The DVD shows you all the ideas you can use to build a very mesmerizing routine.

Your future is so bright...

This kit includes: two light gimmicks and instructional DVD

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