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Dominique Duvivier Printing Video (VHS) Review

November 20th, 2003 1:17pm
Reviewed by Bizzaro.
This is a great trick to perform. The best part is that it is examinable in the very end and you pretty much expose all of the gaffs right there in front of them. It is straight forward, clean cut, and powerful. It's almost as if the magic just kind of happens... by accident.

You are supplied everything, including the card box. Unfortunately the card box is more like ones they use in France. You might wanna take the time to alter it to your cards. No point in being inconsistent.

Get the trick, carry it with you, do it. It's a good routine at a low price, especially when you get a video and all the gaffs you need.

What more could you want?


Product info for Dominique Duvivier Printing Video (VHS)

Author: Duvivier, Dominique
Publisher: A-1 Multimedia
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $19.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

The most incredible card trick ever invented. Complete with special cards. A small packet of face-down cards is introduced. One at a time, the four tens appear face up. The rest of the cards are shown to have blank faces. The blank cards now magically "print," duplicating the tens like a magical copy machine. The process continues, comically and magically printing cards, culminating with printing the color of the close-up pad and, finally, the front of the card case. Printing is extremely visual and super to perform. Both beginning and advanced methods are taught, including Dominique's personal handling of the Hamman Count.

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