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Blockbuster Review

Official Review

August 1st, 2015 4:34am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

Jay covers a wide variety of ways to handle the routine. It is a nice learning experience of a variety of controls and loads.

The effect is relatively easy to perform, but it does involve a few slights that you will need to practice.

It can be done close-up, parlor, or stage, but it can’t be done entirely surrounded, unless you use one of the alternate handlings that he describes.


The block of wood ends dirty. The most vulnerable portion of the routine is getting rid of the block. Jay spends a very long time building up to this point, with many alternative handlings, but then just brushes past this, perhaps most critical point of the routine.

In my opinion, you really need to have a routine in mind where the block of wood makes sense. Otherwise, you have to ask yourself: “What is the point of a routine that is card to block of wood?” Is this stronger than card to sealed envelope in zippered compartment in wallet in inner pocket? I’m not sold.


Not a bad routine, but there are so many effects where part of your set up does not include bringing a block of wood with a nail in it to your performance.

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Author: Jay Sankey
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $40.00
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For A Lifetime.

That's how long your audience will remember the effect of a freely selected and signed card appearing NAILED TO A SOLID BLOCK OF WOOD!

BLOCKBUSTER is also a lethal example of Jay's own "mind over muscles" creative philosophy because Jay accomplishes this astounding effect with several surprisingly EASY TO DO methods!

Jay created BLOCKBUSTER to close shows for large and small audiences and it never fails to leave everyone completely shocked!

The large nail, the solid block of wood and the torn signed card are all unusually dramatic elements. No surprise that together they create an outstanding piece of magic.

BLOCKBUSTER comes complete with full-length instructional DVD featuring both beginner and advanced handlings. The package also includes a steel nail, envelopes, and a professionally cut and sanded block of Douglas Fir wood from Prince George British Columbia.

Nail your audiences today!

Running Time Approximately 68min

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