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Tremble (DVD & Gimmicks) Review

Official Review

August 1st, 2015 4:31am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is a clever idea, a slight variation of other very similar methods.

Unfortunately, the “cons” outweighed the “pros” for me.


From the beginning… through to the end, “magician anonymous” does the entire DVD in the most annoying fake voice that is distracting.

The DVD also left some gaps in the instruction, such as “force the card with your favorite method.” While many buyers will have their favorite force, others will not. They showed a force, but did not explain it. Everyone makes assumptions every day, but this is a bad assumption.

Even in the explanation of the handling, you could see how the gimmick isn’t totally reliable. At one point, the gimmick slipped away from the performer, showing the revelation too soon.

There was also a very brief demonstration of how to switch the gimmick card for an ungimmicked duplicate. The method demonstrated was not good and there was no explanation of how to do the entire performance from setup to end with this method.

I don’t think this is suitable for close-up, unless you are in a noisy area, as the participants would hear something and associate it with the movement and ruin the magic.

The entire DVD was less than 11 minutes long. The demo video shows several uses of the gimmick, but they are not all explained in detail. I think you can probably figure out how to do some that were not covered by watching the method, but they were not explained.


Nice idea, but the idea was not worked out sufficiently. The DVD is only 11 minutes long with very poor and incomplete explanations. Also, probably the best application for this gimmick, changing one card value to another, was not explained at all.

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Author: Magician Anonymous
Publisher: Magician Anonymous
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Manufacturer's Description:

Technology today is at its peak in amazing feats and is only getting more impressive, so it's hard to sway the average heckler with a simple snap change. When technology can do so many extraordinary things, how do you make people open their eyes in disbelief at something?

All that is about to change, as Tremble will cause your audience members to do a double take in amazement. You will be able to make any prediction, drawing, or ink slowly appear and vibrate on a card with no sleight of hand - as if the ink had a mind of its own. There are no flaps, magnets, angles, or thick cards to worry about. It's a single card that you can then hand out later.

Be ready for the new generation of visual magic.

Be ready for us.

We are Magician Anonymous.

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