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One (Blue) Review

Official Review

August 8th, 2015 5:38am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

The effect is very strong. The method and handling is good. The gimmicks are well made. The routine is pretty simple, with just a bit of practice.

They present different handlings and several bonus ideas.


You will need to purchase something from a hardware store. This item is something you could use for other card effects as well.

You get 20 Mandolin gimmicked cards, one additional card, and a handful of additional gimmicks that are re-used. However, you get what is needed for 20 performances. After that, you will need to purchase refills. When having to purchase refills, you must think about not only the cost of the refills, but the hassle of getting them, and the possibility that they may be discontinued in the future.

You will need to hold the card as they sign it. Some may object to this, I don't see it as a problem. Simply place the card on the deck and offer your hands as a table, with your thumb on the card to hold it steady.


Very nice routine, good handling, but you will need to get refills after 20 performances.

Suggestions from the Reviewer

If you want to avoid running out of gimmicks, once you purchase the effect, you could make your own gimmicks, but it would be quite a project. However, you could apply the same concept to a variety of cards, such as the two or three of hearts. For example, you could use a three of hearts and have one heart move next to another and have the third heart disappear. In addition to what is taught, you would need to use nail polish remover to remove one of the pips from a card, and you could make a stencil to spray paint a heart or two on the card.

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Product info for One (Blue)

Author: Underhill, Matthew
Publisher: Wizard FX Productions
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $40.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Get ready to be remembered by your spectators forever!

A card is signed back and front by the spectators. Two of the hearts are initialled. One initialled heart is then visually pulled across the face of the card until it rests side by side with the other. In a beautiful and artistic piece of magic created by Matthew Underhill, the two hearts become ONE. This provides the spectator with an incredible souvenir that freezes the moment of magic perfectly.

What people are saying:

"Matthew has taken the anniversary waltz, the most classic of all the plots in card magic, and not just given it a new method, but he has given it a face-lift every worker will LOVE!"
- Justin Miller

"Didn't think anniversary waltz could have a substitute until I saw this effect. A perfect giveaway! I'll be having a lot of fun with this one!"
- Alex Pandrea

"What a truly astonishing moment for the unsuspecting participants - this is a perfect wedding/anniversary card trick which leaves them with an impossible object to remember you and your magic long after the event. I want it in my close-up case - send the first one to me!"
- Nicholas Einhorn

"Great! Love it! Awesome give-away and a perfect magic trick for a couple."
- Bill Abbott

"I can't imagine that this would fail to get strong reactions!"
- Tom Stone

"I really think this is a brilliant effect that leaves the spectators with an impossible souvenir. Thumbs up to the young creator!"
- Alexander Kolle

"An effect that has the potential to be the new Anniversary Waltz - if I can't have that in my working set, nobody can!"
- Mark Waddington

"It looks like an illusion but its pure magic for the spectators: a gift that will last and a reputation maker"
- David Ethan

"Simple, effective and most of all, very commercial. I can see myself performing this routine for wedding close up gigs, the perfect memento to give to the married couple. Very nice!"
- Luca Volpe

"WOW! That is great! So visual and it will connect with the audience! I can't wait for this!"
- James Atkinson

"A beautiful routine that will go straight into your act. Get this NOW!"
- Kevin Schaller

"Wait till you guys see the NEW handlings for this. It is a rare thing for me to perform other magician's effects, but ONE is definitely going in my real world repertoire!"
- Justin Miller

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