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At the Table Live Lecture - Chris Mayhew 12/30/2014 (Download) Review

Official Review

July 31st, 2015 5:45am
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

The comedy was awesome!

He teaches some really great moves, like a unique top change that is beautiful.

He also has some good ideas on routines, taking other routines and adapting them to new ideas.


Chris really thrives on impromptu sort of performance, and the lecture came across like it was somewhat impromptu. While it looks like he is not prepared at some moments, it is nice to see how he works through moments that do not go as planned. Mostly, we see magic that has been polished for years and we rarely see what a magician does when things don’t go right. Here, you see some great magic, with some real moments.


This lecture is “keeping it real” with great magic, things that go wrong, and how Chris works through these moments with impromptu skills.

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Author: Mayhew, Chris
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
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Retail Price: $24.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Chris Mayhew. The mighty Chris Mayhew is but a young chap who fools when he performs. Plain and simple. His CAANDY effect absolutely fooled the heck out of some of the most knowledgeable sleight of hand technicians around. To say it bluntly, Chris Mayhew is damn good. His technique and skill? Truly uncanny. He is so good in fact that it has been rumored that even Dai Vernon tried to contact him once.

It's already been mentioned that CAANDY was a huge HIT. So was A Clockwork Apple. It was an amazing success. If you are a true card man, then please do not miss out on the opportunity to see Chris Mayhew at work! Mayhew have a look at what he plans on performing and explaining in his lecture?

Mr. Hands - A devilish way to transform a card in someone's hand.
Running Man - An impromptu way to perform Anniversary Waltz.
Ambitious Card - Featuring The Lazy Rise
Dairy Queens - A McDonald's Four Ace Routine handling spun with a chaotic twist
Safety - A simple three-phase Linking Safety Pin routine
Questions - A surreal sandwich routine with a kickback-style ending
The Hole Thing - A visual sandwich concept using two Jokers with holes.
Meduimph - Triumph is put in the spectator's hands in a very simple and powerful way.

NOTE: Due to the nature of live events, the trick list may change.

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